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Monday, July 4, 2011

I stumbled into a chicken coop in brooklyn last week. Probably the nastiest thing I've been around in a while but man does chicken hit the spot.

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Kellie wrote at 12:15pm Jan 16
2 chickens first a hen and a roster.
Dave wrote at 9:19pm Oct 18
Some pencil shavings from where it shit the bed would have been a nice touch.
Dave wrote at 9:12pm Oct 18
Should've had a van in the background with "Free Wi-Fi."
KamonKur wrote at 7:00pm Oct 10
Don't quite get this one. Is it about B. F. Skinner's research on pigeons and superstition? I love the comics here when I get them. When I don't, the pass so far above my head I don't even hear the roar.
KamonKur wrote at 6:52pm Oct 10
TurtleShroom wrote at 10:10pm Aug 17
I love the joke here. Robots cannot read CAPTCHA text, so they think it means something else when it doesn't, similar to when people get Asian tatoos, expecting "courage" but getting "soup".
109 wrote at 9:58pm Mar 17
Bi-annual poke! I keep wondering what years the comments were from, so this one contains a timestamp. It is currently 1657 (Central time), March 17, 2015. I'd wait 500 years if that's what it takes!
109 wrote at 5:40am Oct 7
I knew there were some comics that had disappeared, and now I can finally prove it! You had a 3-part Easter series that ended in the chickens going to the McPhersons and finding the eggs cooked. Where did parts 2 and 3 go?
109 wrote at 5:20am Oct 7
Yearly poke! Your front page comment section has been overrun by spam. :(
A 109 never forgets!
mabel wrote at 1:15am Apr 22
I was Hungary so I went and bought a Turkey but it was from kfc so it was covered in Greece.

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