A Brand New Apokalips!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey Guys!

This isn’t some weird, unfunny April Fool’s joke.  We just launched the second version of APOKALIPS!  You’ll notice a few new things amongst all the old parts you’re used to - including some new artwork, a re-designed home page, and more involvement of the blog. 

And now the elephant in the room.  Yes, we’ve also added a single advertisement to help pay the hosting bills.  We’re working with Project Wonderful, though, so the ads you’ll be seeing are completely vetted by us and will mostly be to other web comics looking for a new set of eyes.

With this version comes a few cool changes, some of which are live now and others that will be implemented soon.  In addition to the comics on Mondays and Thursdays, we’ve got a few new faces contributing some hilarious content to the blog on a more consistent basis.  We’ve also made the Love/Hate votes public for all to see, so now you know what the consensus is on the comic.

Speaking of love and hate, leave your thoughts on the new design and let us know if any stray bugs pop up!

Stay tuned for more and keep comin’ back for the toons!

The Apokalips Guys


What Say You (4)

Enthusiastic wrote at 3:19pm Apr 1
New Design! Blogs! Woo! Yeah! Woo!
Hm... wrote at 3:21pm Apr 1
I just commented on the blog, but it looks like I was commenting on the 7 dwarves comic in the homepage rundown... is that a bug?
James wrote at 5:28am Apr 29
Thanks for the tipoff about project wonderful. I'm now using it on my sites
PhotosCon wrote at 7:34pm Oct 1
News- Yeah, Radio Lab is great. I have also been listening to the 'stuff you suhlod know'podcasts. They are usually pretty interesting and entertaining as well.Josh- Thank you sir.Jay- Trade #2 is solicited to come out in April I believe.Peter- I am still doing the covers. I have 16 and 17 both done and they area couple of my favorites so far. I'll post them soon. We will be having some industry superstars do variant covers for a couple issues. The Cho one you saw is one of these. As a tease, Dale Keown has also done one. I dont think it is online anywhere yet, but watch for it. It is amazing.

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