About Apokalips

Apokalips is written and illustrated by Mike Gioia. I started this comic back in February 2008 and while updates are much less often now, still try to find time to draw comics.

How did this site start?

I've been drawing comics off and on since I was in highschool. I used to pass a book around class with weird drawings in them that I thought were funny. There's a few I re-drew for Apokalips floating around here somewhere. I can tell you which ones if you ask. After that I had a few iterations of comics titled 'Walnuts' and 'The Pants Patrol'. I don't think I have any of those anymore unfortunately. They weren't good though, it was mostly aliens and cows for some reason. In college (Lehigh University) I drew comics for the school newspaper. They started out like the ones you see on this site but later turned a little too political. After I graduated in 2007 I stopped drawing and then brought them back in 2008 under the title Apokalips.

Where did the name come from?

My roommate was and still is deathly afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse. We needed a band name for Guitar Hero and he chose Apokalips for it. He helped a lot with the comics early on so we went with that brand name. Jason Boneasaurus was supposed to be the main character in the strip. He was a dino who moved to NYC and we were going to try to develop out the story but it never went anywhere. He shows up in only one comic, the Dino Abortion one.

Why don't you update anymore?

I updated the site twice a week for 1.5 years and I just got tired of thinking about comics. It was too much work so I stopped around August 2010. I try to update once every month or so but I'm sorry if its really infrequent. I've started spending all of my time working on web applications instead but I love these so much so I'm trying to get back in to drawing :( What I really need is to make a ton of money so I can retire and draw all day long.

Will you draw me something?

If you email me I'll draw and send you something :)