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Friday, April 24, 2009

It looks like he made it to level 3, but the lack of apple means it ended there.

What Say You (25)

Mrs PacMan wrote at 4:24am Apr 24
God @#$% it Pacman, you come home every Thursday night blasted out of your mind! Do you know what it's like waiting up for you at night??
Ben wrote at 7:03am Apr 24
That's a really, really good joke. Wish I'd thought of it. Maybe would have made him wake up with a ghost in his bed. :)
Doodah wrote at 7:38am Apr 24
What's the ABV of a white ball?
Dean wrote at 9:05am Apr 24
Mrs. PacMan is probably out screwing MegaMan... hahaha... Do a Gu comic!!
anjuna wrote at 9:32am Apr 24
Reminds me of Futurama, the space invaders ep, where our team led by pacman battle the nintendians, zoidberg eats too much in the pacman maze and later coughs up real cherry's and what not. But i like this context better. Thanx.
Oh. wrote at 11:23am Apr 24
Jason Boneasaurus wrote at 7:19am Apr 26
Haha, I remember that Futurama episode, anjuna. It's so good.
jackie wrote at 12:15pm Jun 19
hahahahhah, ilove packman
jackie wrote at 12:15pm Jun 19
im a repeater lol
Kayeos wrote at 3:02am Jul 14
danineteen wrote at 8:58am Jul 17
He eats strawberries, too?
T-rex wrote at 9:54am Jul 17
Roar. I am a dinosaur.
Philberg wrote at 8:04am Jul 19
sarah jessica parker wrote at 5:57am Jul 24
you'd think there would have been at least some digestion. where's the graphic realism???
Lettie Ashland wrote at 2:59am Jul 29
Pacman is destroying our children! Last night my son came home and was sick from eating so much fruit. I asked him where he got this fruit, and he said he was just trying to be like pacman. I smacked him and took all his pacman parapernalia away.
Trevotillo wrote at 9:09am Aug 19
...Totally would've thrown a ghostie into the mix. ;)
Hell Cat wrote at 4:58am Sep 25
Video games never influenced an entire generation on kids....... If it did we would have all been in darkened rooms eating magical pill listening too repetitive music :D
some chick wrote at 3:02am May 1
Hahaha. Pacman threw up. I like it :)
cuttmedeep wrote at 5:13pm Jun 26
hell yea not a whole generation n taking his game away was ridiculous still is
Jack wrote at 6:59am Jan 15
somehow I feel like packman after a good drink
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