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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This was directly influenced by season 2 of The Wire. I can't say any more for those who haven't seen that show, but man am I hooked. Also, I just realized but a 6-ring soda net is like a 6 shot revolver in fish world.

What Say You (12)

a wrote at 12:24pm Apr 22
funny but i don't get why they're in jail.......
ob wrote at 12:25pm Apr 22
How appropriate for Earth Day
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 1:50pm Apr 22
Love it. Reminded me of Robot Chicken's "Save the Turtles" mini http://video.adultswim.com/robot-chicken/save-the-turtles.html
jenny wrote at 3:06pm Apr 22
i really don't get it. what does he hold there???
gopher65 wrote at 6:14pm Apr 22

That is a plastic soda pop can holder. It holds six aluminum cans of pop. In the 70's and 80's there was a big uproar about those holders killing birds and fish who were accidentally caught in them. Because accidental death via the holder is possible, the mobster fish (or whatever he is) is going to use the holder to "accidentally" murder another fish.

I feel like I'm murdering these jokes when I explain them:P.
Ryan Klassen wrote at 7:49am Apr 23
You could kill up to 6 fish with that weapon. But a boat motor would guarantee the job gets done.
Teh Devil wrote at 8:44am Apr 23
Fish look silly when there standing up b/c there faces on the top of there head. (There eyes are behind them, so they cant look at each others eyes when there talking while there standing up.) Regardless, must say, lovely.
rayrox222 wrote at 11:46am Apr 23
Hell yeah Mike, the Wire is nothing short of amazing. I wish I still had access to HBO so I could watch the latest series the creators of the Wire are now working on called "Treme" . . .
fil wrote at 12:18pm Apr 23
thx gopher65 :)
I was wondering wtf is he holding :)
Steve wrote at 12:41pm Apr 23
Fish from the wrong side of the river
Jason wrote at 5:44am Apr 24
Haha, 'hooked'...
Trey wrote at 11:55am May 12
They are in jail because they are about to kill another fish in jail so they said make it look like a suicide so they don't look suspicious haha.

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