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Thursday, February 18, 2010

After the breakup Carbon went on a 3 week alcohol bender capping it off with an angry, pleasureless 3-way with the Oxygen sisters.

What Say You (16)

jeremy wrote at 11:44pm Feb 17
hahahah love it.
Merdina wrote at 12:24am Feb 18
Ah, very clever. Love it. ^^
Cerebral Paul wrote at 12:30am Feb 18
Carbon 12 is radioactively stable. They should be Carbon 14.
Name wrote at 3:36am Feb 18
HAHA Carbon
Couchman wrote at 5:15am Feb 18
Don't you hate it when the couch is too high for you to comfortably put your arm up? Ya know??
gopher65 wrote at 6:06am Feb 18
Hehehe, that's great. This is my favourite one in a few weeks. I agree with Cerebral Paul about the carbon-14 bit. As an alternative that may or may not have worked, when I first saw the title in my feedreader I thought of a lump of coal being dumped by a shiny diamond for not being attractive enough (both are largely carbon).
danineteen wrote at 6:15am Feb 18
I had to think too much to get this one. And it's so late >_< Great comic though.
Phil of Delphia wrote at 6:25am Feb 18
Nice one! I do agree that at least one of them could have been a different isotope. Especially if the male was the unstable C14 since that would explain having a half-life. However, I admit that is a bit nit-picky - I might just be a nerd - and not necessary for the joke!

Also, great mouse-over text. Now I know that Carbon Dioxide comes from dejected Carbons and loose Oxygens!
Matt wrote at 6:42am Feb 18
Should have been: "over the past 5,730 years..."
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:12am Feb 18
Isotopes screwed me on the AP Chem test and they screwed me here... i had to google search carbon 14. i actually saw 14 on some of them when i was looking up carbon on periodic tables last night and had no idea why it was 14 haha.

anyway, i think that's a good subtle joke, i'll throw it on there tonight when i get home.
Craig wrote at 9:44am Feb 18
Should have been the girl as C-14, looking all disheveled and "unstable" saying after 5730 years I'm living a half life. Keep the guy as C-12, stable :)
Q wrote at 7:21am Feb 20
The creepy thing is the geological researcher peering at them from the window. Science has no respect for privacy.
kt wrote at 2:31pm Feb 20
i have just read your entire website from start to finish, and can't imagine a more enjoyable way to have spent the afternoon. granted, i live on an island which pretty much shuts down in the winter, so my options are limited, but even so....

that having been said, i'm not sure whether this is a tribute to your clever comic-itude, or a sad testament to the utter solitude of my current existence, but either way....thank god for stumbleupon.com
Tycho Brahe's Liver wrote at 9:25pm Mar 2
hehe good comedy. That female carbon atom has nice electrons!
Zarkoth wrote at 3:09am Mar 13
It's a cute joke and all, but if you're going to do a nerdy joke, the nit-picky stuff *does* have to be right, it's what makes a nerdy joke beautiful. Some kind of double-bond joke would've been nice, but I guess that'd work better if they were in a Hydrogen orgy.
Jack wrote at 8:48am Jan 15
I guess he won't think of two times a half makes an A

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