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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special thanks to Kyle for the creative thought behind this one while we anxiously awaited the Get Up Kids to come on at the Gramercy Theatre last Friday. Sorry for the late update but baseball needed watchin.

What Say You (17)

theDood wrote at 10:07pm Nov 2
your mom wrote at 10:14pm Nov 2
sry the phillies are gonna lose the series...
not really :p
Mrs. Gioia wrote at 10:25pm Nov 2
Michael, I have a serious problem with whichever of your friends is writing comments under the name "your mom" on here. Can't you edit the posts to remove bad behavior like that? Thanks, sweetheart. And great comic, as always!
Mike Gioia wrote at 5:33am Nov 3
Mom, get off the internet.
noah wrote at 5:33am Nov 3
oh man, that was awesome, the darkness is back
Dean wrote at 7:04am Nov 3
hahaha.... great comic - and I love the comment from your mom, classic.

...ps... Yanks are putting the final nail in the coffin tonight for your Phils...
not Dean wrote at 9:52am Nov 3
Given that there's no game tonight, I assume the Yanks are going to somehow sabotage their train?
killkyle wrote at 12:35pm Nov 3
i don't get it
not dean 2 wrote at 3:50pm Nov 3
haha, rookie mistake dean.... rookie mistake. Next time you try to insult a team make sure you know what your talkin about. Go Phillies.
your mom wrote at 8:34pm Nov 3
Was that really your mom?
and my name doesn't mean "your mom" mike.
it's simply a comical response to the question of what my name is :p
Mike Gioia wrote at 4:03am Nov 4
@your mom: haha yea i knew and no that's most definitely not my real mom.
Oliver wrote at 1:33pm Nov 4
More bread, please...
formyyaoi wrote at 8:11pm Nov 4
cannibalism FTW?
Not a Phillies fan wrote at 8:51pm Nov 4
All I have to say is 7 - 3... that sucks for you guys...

Too bad - so sad. Go Yankees!
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:39pm Nov 4
Must... resist... urge... to delete... comment
don't be a bitch wrote at 4:18am Nov 6
its ok. Once the phillies are able to spend half a billion dollars (like the yankees) on the best baseball players in the world, i'm sure they will win a title too.....
not dean wrote at 7:48am Nov 6
If I made over 200 million dollars a year, I could buy 27 rings too!

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