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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow, what a win by the Phillies tonight. 3 hours on the edge of my seat. The bats came through, Lidge was clutch, Chan Ho is  player of the game imo. Just fantastic. Have fun in that LA traffic, Dodgers fans.

What Say You (11)

Mike Gioia wrote at 10:38pm Oct 15
Sorry for the late update, gotta love them Phillies!
danineteen wrote at 11:12pm Oct 15
hooray for the Grim Adventures RSS! :D
FuzzyJedi wrote at 12:50pm Oct 16
You know, this is my favorite comic, but...the alt text talking smack about my dodgers, sigh, dont make me stop reading it. i cant even eat cheese steak after last year ;)
Biz wrote at 9:26pm Oct 16
I am in love with your comics. I just spent, oh, about an hour and a half going through all of them. I thought I was the only one who still loved puns and homonyms...
Pun Man wrote at 5:03am Oct 17
I am the PUN MAN, master of the dayman, whoaooooAAAA
Mike Gioia wrote at 11:04am Oct 17
@FuzzyJedi: tough loss yesterday

@Biz: That's awesome! And there's no way on earth you love homonyms more than I do haha
SirWetBiscuitJr. wrote at 5:23pm Oct 18
Once I was away in Texas while my dad had a garage sale at home. He tells that there was this awful smell, and even the neighboring widow came over to report the smells of sewage.

Later, it was learned that the source of the stench was my friend's flatulence. He had apparently eaten three bananas before coming over.

Yeah, so he's not allowed to have bananas at our house ever.
Phil Of Delphia wrote at 1:21pm Oct 19
I too love homonyms and Phillies! How Chan Ho was the player of the game? How could the player of the game be anyone but Cliff Lee who pitched 8 scoreless innings and even had a single and a sac bunt?

Maybe Ryan Howard and his new major league record for scoring in consecutive postseason games! And Chase Utley is on the verge of his own record too! Woo!
Phil Of Delphia wrote at 1:22pm Oct 19
umm... on second though, it occurs to me that you're talking about game 1, not game 3. *sheepish grin* I'm behind on reading comics, so I can see how you'd be behind on making them.
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:09pm Oct 19
haha yea its from Game 1. Game 3 was incredible I only got to watch the last 2 innings but you can't beat that performance. Can't wait till tonight.
Yo yourself wrote at 4:17am Oct 23
Which one of them did it? it's not clear

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