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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Medium well is very mushy with a warm, saliva center.

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Jeremy wrote at 11:28pm Oct 11
Hmm...thats kinda gross. funny though..
gopher65 wrote at 9:15am Oct 12
As a cook I can tell you that we *never* chew our customer's food for them when it is sent back 3 times because someone doesn't understand that you can't have a steak that is "medium rare, no blood".

...or do we?
Annie Atomic wrote at 10:54am Oct 12
Mmmm... medium rare steak....
danineteen wrote at 6:27pm Oct 12
What on earth are you talking about, gopher65? The fact is that birds regurgitate their food to feed their young, and that's what the joke's based on.
gopher65 wrote at 9:06am Oct 13
... yeah, I got that...

It also involves a customer in a restaurant sending back their food, which is what I was commenting on, somewhat sarcastically.
gopher65 wrote at 9:14am Oct 13
To expand, steaks are the bane of a cooks life, because customers have no idea what they actually want. At home they cook a steak and they tell their family that it is rare (because it has pink in the middle you see), but it is actually medium well.

Then they go to a restaurant and order a steak, and it actually comes the way they ordered it *shock* (rare is juuuuust cooked enough for the center to be warm, and no longer. It's raw. With blue rare you momentarily sear the outside of the steak. The steak itself is still cold and completely uncooked). But because they don't know what they're ordering (not being cooks themselves) they often don't get what they want.

I hate customers:P. Useless idiots, usually.
eoin wrote at 5:29pm Nov 3
Huh? wrote at 6:18am Feb 4
.... But why does he have the pan?!?

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