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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Actually, it wouldn't be infinite. Just as soon as it became morning really they'd be able to drive off. In Deertopia, this is how I think every night would be.

What Say You (17)

wat wrote at 12:30am Oct 5
Tea wrote at 2:54am Oct 5
Deer in the headlights. Very clever.
aarone46 wrote at 5:49am Oct 5
Mm, it's not terribly clear that they are stopped in their cars. I just thought they'd be freaked out for a second until their cars passed each other, and freaked out for a second isn't as funny as infinity. I also thought the streetlights had something to do with it; they confused me.
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:31am Oct 5
Yea good points aarone46. I kinda thought last night that you can't tell if the cars are fully stopped. I'll make some edits to it tonight and repost the new image. Thanks!
your mom wrote at 6:43am Oct 5
hahah it took me a while but once i got it, soo funny.
diego wrote at 6:55pm Oct 5
well, I would get it if the cars where in the same lane or something, that might help. just my 2c
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:58pm Oct 6
Just took the streetlights out hopefully less confusing. I was thinking of putting an infinity symbol at the bottom of the last panel but it might be overkill.....
AnnieAtomic wrote at 7:05pm Oct 6
I like it.
hates dumb people wrote at 4:29am Oct 7
its good the way it is. aarone46 is just a re-tard....
SWBJr wrote at 1:55pm Oct 8
You hate dumb people? If Aarone is a 're-tard', then you should not hate for he is not dumb. Also, there is no hyphen in 'retard'. Troll fail.

Anyways, once the deer see the headlights, they immediately stop what they're doing, right? In this process, no foot (or hoof) would stomp on the brakes and the cars would keep going straight until the deer no longer see each others' headlights. If this happened on a curve, they would totally fall off and die. Otherwise it would be fine.
really? wrote at 1:42pm Oct 10
re-tard is spelled incorrectly on purpose. guess you never saw the hangover....get with the times.
Lisathelisa wrote at 4:48am Feb 17
that is great
Bjorno wrote at 9:30am Apr 21
Took me a second but that was hilarioua
bonk wrote at 9:07am May 27
its like having an awkord moment they would just be passing by frozen till the light are gone
Aaron wrote at 8:22pm Oct 16
Is infinity aptly titled? They'd only be there until sunrise. Very funny though.
Jack wrote at 11:02am Jan 15
Nice CARtoon
samsurfer wrote at 1:17pm Feb 1

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