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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The ACTUAL start to the story. I have a few panels done, I'd be interested in feedback / ideas if anyone wants to email me (check the about page)

What Say You (21)

Jeremy wrote at 10:48pm Sep 1
As a stand alone comic, I am not impressed. As a start to a picture book, I am quite impressed and would definitely keep reading.
Mike Gioia wrote at 4:25am Sep 2
@Jeremy: yea it's the beginning of a longer series.
AmeliaD wrote at 6:24am Sep 2
It's pretty.
Fever wrote at 8:29am Sep 2
Nice, but... Where are the funnies?!
FenixStryk wrote at 11:34am Sep 2
You might want to consider having a separate site for these stories. It just seems out of place when you put it in between Wikipedia Brown and inanimate object metaphors.
Aunt Caren wrote at 12:42pm Sep 2
Hey Mike
Pretty Cool! Saw the article in the Daily Local. Did not know you had so much talent. I must have had you mixed up with Andrew!
rubyred wrote at 1:53pm Sep 2
I absolutely love that drawing, I agree it's different to your normal stuff but I would love to see more - just a lovely picture, great job!
gopher65 wrote at 5:17pm Sep 2
I agree with FenixStryk. I like storyline webcomics, but I think you'd (and we'd) be better off if these were separated into a different menu on this site. Kinda like how the guy who does Ctrl Alt Del has his set up: http://cad-comic.com/
ericgonzalez wrote at 6:01pm Sep 2
The clear answer;)
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:28pm Sep 2
Yea I see what you guys are saying, that and it's kind of difficult to see the other parts of the story line this way. The next Wednesday will be this as it's already done and I'll be on vaycay but I'll get workin' on a separate page for these comics and put a little ad on this page about it when it updates.

Thanks for the insight guys!
Pawel wrote at 8:25am Sep 3
Beautiful work with line art!
I like BB's home, though have a logistical issue with the size of his door- the placement of the handle suggests a door much too short for a carton of his stature. Unless you have him crouching in so as not to bump his head (also a satisfying solution)

Mike Gioia wrote at 9:20am Sep 3
Thanks Pawel. and i know what you mean, the next one shows the door again and its much bigger haha. I didn't realize it until after I finished that it wasn't proportional. oh well sshhhhh
Andrea wrote at 5:53pm Sep 3
Fuck the haters. I like it.
Gopher65 wrote at 7:07am Sep 4
Cool. Thanks for listening to reader feedback Mike:).
media wrote at 7:24am Sep 8
maybe it should be on it's own site. "Dreaming of far away lands" crap doesnt float. If I wanted that I'd read the hobbit. ghey and ghey.
SirWetBiscuitJr. wrote at 2:07pm Sep 18
So... where is this SUPPOSED to be going? To real 'happiness and joy' stuff, or will it have a tragically ironic end?

I vote for massive puns. The flying bread is addicted to alcohol, perhaps. Every night, he gets absolutely TOASTED!
Archimago wrote at 10:38pm Oct 14
The art and title suggest something that the content has not fulfilled. They have a somewhat well, grim look that the comic so far has not matched. I also agree it needs to be separated from your regular content.
Betty wrote at 10:21pm Oct 18
Is it like The Hobbit? Not to be rude.
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:19am Oct 19
@Betty: yea the first three are kinda similar. I have the next 4 or 5 panels scoped out and it takes a much different direction. hopefully will finish 1.4 tonight.
Pete wrote at 9:03pm Oct 21
i like this but....wouldn't the milk spoil after a while?
K shizz wrote at 9:45am Mar 26
These 'grim adventures' do not make me lol.

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