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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I actually thought this last year out in Oregon. It's interesting how ingrained technology is in our lives that I can't even enjoy nature without bringing it into the picture.

What Say You (22)

Daniel wrote at 8:49am Jul 28
So true I catch my self saying See you on facebook rather then talk to you later.
Chris Ellis wrote at 9:59am Jul 28
I do the same thing all the time right before I realize I forgot my camera. Also, is the mountain in the middle
smiling at me?
Nice work, Mike!
etorw wrote at 11:18am Jul 28
It's funny because scenery often makes a good wallpaper.
ob wrote at 5:36am Jul 29
same thing applies to hot women i see because chances are they arent going home with me. <lol>
Sean C. wrote at 5:50am Jul 29
moar chesthair!
jim rome wrote at 6:10am Jul 29
ob? you had chances in the first place? buuuuuurrrrrrnnnnn.
anonymous wrote at 6:20am Jul 29
xkcd already did it.

(but xkcd sucks now, keep up the good work!)
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:03am Jul 29
Damn, which xkcd was this?
Amelia wrote at 9:57am Jul 29
It wasn't exactly the same, and xkcd does not suck now, anon. You probably just aren't smart enough to understand it.
The one(s) he's referring to are just drawings of landscapes.

It's still original, Mike.
noah wrote at 1:37am Jul 29
I don't know, today's xkcd was pretty hilarious, it hit home for me anyways. And don't worry, yours is different enough... http://www.xkcd.com/77/
yo wrote at 12:38pm Jul 30
I want that as a wallpaper! :O
Bubba wrote at 6:15am Jul 30
I want a nice wallpaper of a monitor with a nice wallpaper of a monitor with a nice wallpaper of a monitor with a nice wallpaper... you know, one of those never-ending things.
Thomas wrote at 10:10am Jul 31
You were thinking about this up on mount jefferson? Man you need to spend more time away from computers.
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:12am Jul 31
Haha, I can't argue with that Thomas
Gazared wrote at 2:47am Jul 31
It's okay, Mike. I think some variant of this everyday. "Oh, what an unusual tree! I should take a picture and put it on twitpic!"
Will wrote at 8:23pm Sep 12
I do this all the time in the countryside. It's creepy
Daniel wrote at 11:37am Feb 6
To be honest, many of the pictures i take are only to get new wallpapers.
person wrote at 8:37pm Jun 20
yea this is in one of the first xkcd comics
liam wrote at 10:19am Jan 2
Double meaning if u set this pic as your desktop background
Jack wrote at 7:15am Jan 15
Ok, now I feel stupid
<- It's a Dino wrote at 5:19pm Apr 26
I don't know about you but i actually set this as my wallpaper
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