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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I hope I never stop seeing the world like I did when I was a child. What was once a castle may be ruins, but it'll never just be a tree house.

What Say You (18)

Takumidesh wrote at 1:34am Jul 15
Very True
Chris Ellis wrote at 7:01am Jul 15
If only we could live out our day-to-day lives viewing the world as we did when we were children. *sigh*
alex wrote at 7:33am Jul 15
I used to see castle ruins in every forest... :'(
april wrote at 8:11am Jul 15
i never did find the ninja turtles
Creepy poster wrote at 9:01am Jul 15
Yes, I love going through life with the eyes of a child in my pocket in a plastic bag
Kayeos wrote at 9:13am Jul 15
Everything is always so magnificent when you are young... and time and experience almost always changes a person's perspective on the world. If only everything in the world could appear as wonderous as it once seemed.
109 wrote at 9:37am Jul 15
The world as children see it may be grand, but the world that one sees after one comes to understand, scientifically understand, the world for what it really is, is more magnificent than any child imagines. Not for anything would I want to be a child again.
Mark Twain wrote at 10:08am Jul 15
109, the actualism of science help us understand existence, but the illusions of a child help us understand life. Not for anything would I sacrifice imagination for the false impression rules truly exist as our cold textbooks say they do.
Qwerty wrote at 11:17am Jul 15
uh.. is this supposed to be funny?
or.. philosophical?
gazared wrote at 11:42am Jul 15
@Qwerty yes.
... I swear I see a Jabberwock in there.
Q wrote at 11:46am Jul 15
109 and Mark Twain:
What about the scientists that study real castle ruins? You are welcome for blowing both of your minds.
Child Castle Scientist wrote at 11:49am Jul 15
I like turtles...
Boo Wednesday Updates wrote at 5:06am Jul 16
k wrote at 11:42am Jul 16
my imagination never stopped. from the time i woke up til the time i went to bed, and it still didn't stop. it ran through my dreams.
billy mays wrote at 11:29am Jul 25
my imagination is stored on a USB flash drive i keep on my keychain
billy mays wrote at 11:30am Jul 25
act now and i'll send you not one but 6 USB flash drives to store the imaginations of all your personalities!
13th3 wrote at 11:58am Nov 16
Bridge to Terabithia
Alyssa Kong wrote at 8:11pm Dec 6
OMG, do you see whats going on in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

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