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Friday, June 5, 2009

I guess you could say he was "mated" later that knight...

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Kyle wrote at 5:56am Jun 5
this comic needs more chest lest chess..jk good one
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:07am Jun 5
I love you Kyle.
Dean wrote at 9:46am Jun 5
and the knights rode bare back that night...
Geekster wrote at 11:16am Jun 5
In restaurants, a Rook might say "Rook!" with his mouth open and chewed food hanging out.
Alex Tuller wrote at 11:19am Jun 5
The king wasn't quite sure if he could make "the move" on her, since normally White goes first
Dumb-shit wrote at 10:02am Jun 6
I don't get it.
KK wrote at 12:51pm Jun 16
Never date the white king, ladies... 'cause white always 'goes' first.
Sanjay wrote at 4:14am Jun 17
Sam wrote at 8:45am Jun 17
rayrox222 wrote at 11:58am Jun 18
It's odd how my mind works. At first I was thinking it funny on the level of the old custom that the gentleman pays for the lady's meal. Since the woman here is calling for the check, the rook questions whether this is acceptable.

As far as I can tell what's really intended here, you have in chess being checked is a threat and for the queen to call "check" means she just made her move and it is black's turn. Since the rook is in a space BEHIND their table and to the right and thus unable to take the queen and defend the king, yet concerned about the threat to his king, he calls out "sire?" concerned whether he'll be ok. Of course, facing the queen directly, the king can take her himself and calls the rook off ("easy, rook") which is also funny for obvious innuendo purposes.

I love this comic.
Kayeos wrote at 3:49am Jul 14
I admire the sense of humor the comic creator presents.
danineteen wrote at 9:13am Jul 17
Haha! I loved the alt-text, too :D
Frosty wrote at 2:10am Jul 23
i like it
Superdab wrote at 3:17am Jul 25
It's a move called castling, I can't believe none of you figured that out. Go look it up. It's an awesome, little know move which includes an unmoved rook and the King. oh yeah. that's right. look out. he he. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castling found it for ya. go here. it'll explain it all. yup. Oh and in context to the comic, very funny. I got a good chuckle. Having back up is nice. yup.
ptery dactyl wrote at 7:07am Jul 25
ok, this is the first one that's actually funny...
duh...? wrote at 6:10am Aug 5
near as I can tell rayrox and superdab are both trying to be too technical; the joke is the play on words where 'check' means different things in different circumstances, and when either could apply...? Hilarity! Confusion! Ah.
Joy wrote at 5:06am Aug 14
I didn't get it at first, but then I read what rayrox said...hahahaha
Great comics!
Josh Mosh wrote at 9:45am Oct 1
@superdab..."it's an awesome, little know(sic) move..." castleing is practically the most fundamental chess move beyond the basic piece moves, i'd hardly call it "little known" like it's some fucking secret. also, you can't castle when you're in check, i can't believe you didn't figure that out.
Vochilleot wrote at 10:45pm Oct 15
Dude, clearly the BLACK king aint payin for the meal, the proper whit Queen has to pay for the meal
‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉ wrote at 6:55am Oct 16
If chess pieces just stopped going to restaurants, this awkard situation wouldn't happen.
TheRogueFox wrote at 10:18am Nov 8
@Superdab: You cannot castle while you are in check. Also, the pieces are not in the correct position to do so anyway. "I can't believe you didn't figure that out".
Euka wrote at 8:17pm Feb 17
You cannot even castle if the enemy could move between king and rook.
Munsie wrote at 6:59am Feb 28
Read the roll-over text and choked on my cereal, well played
Ryan wrote at 7:52am Jun 19
I like how the floor is gray
Chris wrote at 11:49pm Oct 5
This might be the greatest comic I've ever seen.
MasacruALex wrote at 8:17am Oct 6
Epic stuff, pitty for those who do not get the comic . Poor bastards.
Jack wrote at 7:07am Jan 15
How do you think of it ....... it's GREAT !!!
BlackReaper wrote at 10:42pm Aug 20
@Superdab you sir, are terrible at chess. you posted the link, but obviously did not read it.

one can only Castle with the king if:

1) both the King and the Rook in question have not been moved, and it is clear in this comic that the King has indeed been moved
2) if the King is NOT in check which, obviously, he is
3) move 2 squares into a location towards the rook in which he would not be putting himself into check. since in Castling one must move in a straight line (left or right) moving those two squares toward the rook would put the king back into check.

in your attempt to prove your intellect at chess, all you really did was prove how little you knew of it. and i can't believe YOU didn't figure that out
drcmac wrote at 7:55am Jan 20
....this is the sexiest thing on the internet today.

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