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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finally figured out a way to make backgrounds in these in a non-painful way! Also, funny story: my best friend in high school was dared for $2 by me senior year to piss in the back of French class. He did, and I feel like a jerk for doing this, but I didn't pay him because the urine puddle wasn't large enough. About 3 minutes after it happened, someone noticed and the entire class kept saying 'urine trouble' to him for the rest of the period. Ha, its amazing the teacher had no idea what was going on.

What Say You (14)

not your best friend wrote at 1:52am Sep 10
you run a successful web comic site now, you should really give him the $2
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:18am Sep 10
I'll give it to him when he urinates more than half an ounce on the floor!
Q wrote at 2:32pm Sep 10
@not your best friend I agree, Mike you should really pay up. Thanks at least for finally admitting that I won the bet.
yo wrote at 11:42am Sep 13
you're an ass doesn't work for me... seems we pronounce it differently. Anyway, liked t he first 3 panels.
Teh Devil wrote at 3:41pm Sep 13
An angry tale of fire and piss that come between a lovely pair of young misunderstood homophones.
109 wrote at 3:09am Sep 15
monthly poke!
. . . and peace and happiness
frownyface wrote at 1:39pm Sep 30
Long time since last update.... unacceptable. :(
bambi wrote at 12:42am Oct 1
wow did you go on vacation or is this site over?
twat wrote at 7:19am Oct 6
Get on with more comics women!
calmo wrote at 10:22am Oct 6
dammit, mike! how are you gonna find creativity if you aren't writing comics? doesn't it take writing to produce ideas? anyway that is what Sanjay Kulkarni said in his 935th comic and it, like all your comics, makes sense to me.

listen. i and many like me have found ALL of your comics to be entertaining, ALL of them smart, and most of them hilarious (depending on our specific sense of humor). some people just do not think like you and i but they are free to find a comic that suits their style.

if updating is not fun for you anymore, it is pointless to try. but if you have enjoyed your journey thus far at ALL, many of us would continue to be uplifted by your semiweekly comic.

thank you very much for your efforts.
Name wrote at 4:22pm Oct 6
Anonymous wrote at 2:32am Oct 7
Urine ass.
noah wrote at 9:38am Oct 8
I'm slowly moving from depressed to angry over this whole hiatus thing. Get your ass in gear, Joya.
Teh Devil wrote at 1:00pm Oct 11
The very best way to get terrible at doing something is to stop doing it. --Teh Devil, in His 1547 Alesmythe Address to British Parliament, instrumental to the royal ban of golf and football in Scotland that same year

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