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Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is the best cockney I could do. I also think it would be funny to rig up a Paddington Bear with a pull chord, load in a ton of British slang phrases, and donate it to a children's school.

What Say You (17)

IHerpedWhenIShouldaDerped wrote at 6:34am Aug 26
POV_Dave wrote at 11:18am Aug 26
Teh Devil wrote at 11:31am Aug 26
Paddington Bear is quite likely the most polite bear ever invented by humankind, which makes this comic especially funny because Paddington would never engage in any of these behaviors, except of course for attending a lovely little girl's tea party. (If it had been teh devil there, all three would have been stuffed, which should be interpreted with the worst possible connotation.)
Tommy wrote at 3:57pm Aug 26
The alt-text was what made it.
Qto wrote at 5:37pm Aug 26
It seems to be more of a scotch accent than cockney...
Nabend wrote at 2:31am Aug 27
For some reason I automatically read it as Geordie...
Socks wrote at 12:09am Aug 29
hates Teh Devil.

Re the alt text: It would be funnier if the bear was rigged so it only started saying inappropriate things after 100 or so pulls.
yo wrote at 4:38pm Aug 30
Cockney does the exact opposite... not 'ay' for 'I', but the other ways round: The Rhine in Spine sties minely in the pline.
Teh Devil wrote at 12:20am Aug 31
I think you smell like feet. You know who I'm talking to.
Rayrox222 wrote at 5:38am Aug 31
Dear Mike,

Am I the only one who fails to notice a steady decline in the quality of your work? Take the most recent Paddington Bear entry for example. Perfectly funny and on schedule! I guess if you're saying you tried SINCE paddington bear to do something it and came out so badly you didn't post it, well OK we can't know about that, but your writeup suggests you feel your work lately has been worse than usual, and I simply do not see it that way and continue to enjoy your comics. I for one will be missing them as you have apparently decided to no longer post on a regular basis. Cheers,

noah wrote at 6:08am Aug 31
I agree with Ray, man, your strips have been just as good as they've always been. It's not like there's a quality control committee you're pissing off, it's just for fun. If you quit doing it then you'll quit having fun... we'll all quit having fun. And then what, huh? THEN WHAT!
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:12am Aug 31
no im definitely not quitting the strips. they're a necessary reprieve in my week. I have noticed myself trying to force coming up with a comic which may or not be a bad thing but removing the schedule takes the edge off. I can not sit on the toilet and think of something funny without the guilt of missing a day lol. thanks for the kind words tho
noah wrote at 7:59am Aug 31
slippery slope, bro. slippery slope.
sino wrote at 5:59pm Sep 5
I read it as a geordie accent too
superfunguy wrote at 4:09pm Jun 23
scottish accent then english at the end ?
Jewels wrote at 11:13am Jun 25
Paddington Bear was from Peru. Not English - or whatever accent that was supposed to be...
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:05pm Jun 26
Thanks Jewels! also most if not all of the story takes place in England. Talking bears are believable, but picking up an English accent isn't...

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