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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Actually, a good game when I played little league meant 2 packs of fun dip, a pizza pretzel, cheese fries, and one of your friend's mozzarella sticks.

What Say You (12)

Maybe I'm dumb wrote at 6:01am Aug 19
I don't get it......
beez wrote at 7:06am Aug 19
I'm not sure why the baseball players are donuts, but I think the joke is that, in the past decade or so, there have been a couple of scandals with little league baseball coaches taking their kids to Hooters/bars/whatever to "celebrate" a win.

More appropriate coaches, on the other hand, take their kids out for ice cream.

...or am I reading into this way too much?
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:23am Aug 19
yea you guys are reading into this too much. its really just getting ice cream after a game, and in the dessert world, that so happens to be hookers. i laughed for about 2 minutes when i thought of this yesterday afternoon lol. and then i laughed again when i was finished drawing the ice cream cone hookers.
shitface wrote at 7:42am Aug 19
Okay your comic strips use to be on the edge, but this one is not funny at all, sorry. Just not.
D-Man wrote at 9:25am Aug 19
shitface... ice cream hookers are always funny, what are you smokin'??

...gives a whole new meaning to Double Chocolate Fudge...
beez wrote at 9:30am Aug 19
...I liked my explanation better
eman wrote at 9:44am Aug 19
Looks like coach likes to have his dessert cherry-flavored if ya know what I mean~
Teh Devil wrote at 1:28pm Aug 19
I scream for hookers. Lovely.
your mom wrote at 2:36pm Aug 19
at first i was like, why is one of these donuts not wearing pants? then i was like oh, i get it. ice cream after a game. i don't get why they're hookers though.
BrazilNut wrote at 5:46am Aug 20
I guess the moral of the story here is that all baseball players are into sexual inversion.

Makes sense.
conicthirdleg wrote at 12:46pm Aug 20
all of the hookers have a third leg, and all the ballers have holes. that's how shit goes down in snack land.
:) wrote at 6:44am Aug 29

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