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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yes I know it should be an I and not a J, but Iulius Caesar is a bit much.

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wat wrote at 9:43pm Aug 1
Balbor wrote at 6:13am Aug 2
Dude, everyday your comics your comics resemble more to a hieroglyph.
I don't really get this one...
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:27am Aug 2
haha, well it's a rule that the letters written on a sheet of paper should never cross the margin. This comic is the letter J, representing Julius Caesar, crossing the margin.... into supposed dangerous territory. Yea writing that out makes me realize not everyone spends a few hours thinking about these lol my bad son!
BrazilNut wrote at 7:23am Aug 2
The alt-text cracked me up.

So much pun everywhere! I like the play on how Lexicon sounds like Rubicon and... ah, hell, nobody knows History anymore.
Andrew Murrell wrote at 7:25am Aug 2
Mike, I love this one! Keep it up, I get a kick out of having to figure them out.
Teh Devil wrote at 8:40am Aug 2
Actually, being the eternal evil being that I actually am, I was actually there when Iulius Caesar -- that's how we said it back then, with all vowels -- actually crossed the Rubicon to actually do battle with George Washington for the freedom of America, actually.

I have to tell you sadly Mike, that the land at that time was not made of paper yet... (Besides, a water river would ruin paper land, just common sense here!) Your comix, tho lovely as heckfire, could use just a teensy-weensy bit more historical accuracy.
yo (no spam) wrote at 11:08am Aug 2
Huh. Seemed easy to understand for me. And funny.

Although if there's a pun in the alt text, I didn't get it.
Kaisen wrote at 3:23am Aug 4
Mentat wrote at 12:53pm Aug 5
I love that the horse is also wearing a helmet. However, how does it have both of its left legs up at the same time?
Constemplated wrote at 9:14pm Aug 5
@ Mentat: The river's current is flowing from the background to the foreground, so the horse is able to literally lean into the current on two legs.
Jack wrote at 8:17am Jan 15
I don't understand

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