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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My junior year high school english teacher (mr. watson) and I are the only two people I know of to openly declare our love for the yellow Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil. What a beautiful pencil that is, and what a perfect write. Mmm.
* This starts the Stationery Marathon. It's Stationery Week because I have a crapload of comics about paper and pencils to get out. Crapload.

What Say You (16)

James wrote at 5:50am Jul 29
I swear I have seen you do this one before =/
poppingweasels wrote at 6:19am Jul 29
hmmmm... http://myapokalips.com/show/138#comic
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:54am Jul 29
Holy crap, I completely forgot lol. Well that kinda sucks. Oh well I have like 3 more, I'll try to get one out tonight.
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:55am Jul 29
Well now I'm kinda irritated I wasted my time drawing the thing twice when I could have just copied this from a few months ago >:0
BrazilNut wrote at 7:14am Jul 29
I am now laughing at your memory.

Also, since I still haven't done anything to seem a pompous ass today, and since playing the part of grammar police over the interwebz accomplishes that, I shall now correct you. Stationary is something that does not move, while Stationery is the word for paper and office supplies. Might be in interesting idea for a comic, since we all love puns and wordplay.
Andrew wrote at 7:54am Jul 29
Mike Gioia wrote at 8:51am Jul 29
stationery spelling puns just got added to the marathon. how many more mistakes can i make today, everyone?
Phil of Delphia wrote at 11:52am Jul 29
Office supplies at the store where I used to work were sold in the "Stationary Aisle". I never got tired of saying, "But they're all stationary!"

It was much more fun than making fun of the "12 items or less" sign in the express aisle.
Teh Devil wrote at 12:34pm Jul 29
First rule of teh internetz, Mike: Don't post picture of yourself trying to sit in a trash can but you can't b/c your too fat. That's what they say on all the websites. FYI, your mom saw it over an hour ago, and she is embarrassed for you.

...Lovely comix btw?
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:00pm Jul 29
haha i cant get over how fat that bear is. just sittin there stuck in that can.

and @phil i would have said that joke every single hour until someone got irritated enough to change it.
Peter wrote at 1:15pm Aug 1
Have you read Henry Petroski's "The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance"?
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:00pm Aug 1
@Peter: no but i just read the amazon description and it looks pretty interesting
DIXON FTW wrote at 9:17am Aug 2
You are second only to Gary Larson as my favorite cartoonist thanks to your declaration of love for the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. I'm not even kidding when I say I refuse to use anything but a Ticonderoga and typically have one on my persons at all times. Although I usually prefer a Medium not a Soft because they last longer without having t be sharpened.
Orc wrote at 7:28am Oct 25
Wierd! For me I see a fat stuffed bear, stuffed in a street corner wastebasket... until I mouse over and get the pencil cartoon! What up with that?
ted wrote at 10:29am Feb 17
That's funny, I remember my junior year English teacher and some boys in my class going on and on about Dixon Ticonderogas, 1388 HB soft. His name wasn't Watson, though...
Mohammed wrote at 5:46pm Feb 24
Does any one know who cinoed the phrase It's a proud and lonely thing to be a fan ? I might be using the quote in an upcoming column and would like to credit its originator.

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