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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A friend used to eat these with milk like they were cereal when she was a kid. I'm so angry at myself for not thinking of that. I'm also angry at myself for not imagining this when i was little. AIso, for reference, the white gummi bears (refrigerated) taste the absolute best. God do I want them right now.

What Say You (16)

Your name, yo wrote at 9:20pm Jul 18
Okay, I get like 98% of the comics on this website... This one has me stumped.
Dante wrote at 10:09pm Jul 18
gummi bears worshiping the TeddyGrahm.
Mike Gioia wrote at 5:45am Jul 19
they're statue versions of gummi bears
Socks wrote at 11:04am Jul 19
I feel like you were higher than usual for this one.
Mike Gioia wrote at 3:38pm Jul 19
lol, socks
Name wrote at 8:51pm Jul 19
HAHA Bears
Teh Devil wrote at 8:22am Jul 20
I get it! This lovely comix is referencing the time David Niven referenced HomeStarRunner's (more specifically Strong Bad's email) reference of Teddy Grahams in the context of subsidized housing, which Niven recontextualized to apply to the subject of ancient Persian "mother goddess" statuettes. This comic continues in that trend, yet symbolizes the rebirth ironically by positing the Teddy Grahams as the statues themselves, which can be considered to have escaped the circle of live rebirth to achieve a pseudo-eternal static identity, in sharp contrast to Niven's amateur assertion.

Flawlessly executed, though I must say your insinuation concerning white gummi bears is somewhat derivative, if not also blatantly racist... Otherwise, shear genius!!!!
Yarg wrote at 6:36pm Jul 20
I think white gummi bears would just be hard to draw.. they are kinda transparent but so tasty.
But yah Teh Devil your right on about everything else.
danineteen wrote at 2:33am Jul 21
Being from Australia, I don't know what these Teddy Grahams are. Are they anything like Tiny Teddies?
brazilnut wrote at 7:26am Jul 21
@ Teh Devil
It's "sheer genius", not "shear genius". Dumbass.
Mike Gioia wrote at 8:19am Jul 21
it's not also 'The' and not 'Teh' Devil. He spells how he wants because he has diplomatic immunity here.

you don't wanna know what it takes to get diplomatic immunity at Apokalips.
Teh Devil wrote at 9:37am Jul 21
You're moma.
Constemplated wrote at 4:45pm Jul 21
Original 'Teddy Grahams' are almost exactly like 'Tiny Teddies' honey flavor. (flavour)

@Teh Devil

Random stroke of awesome; can you do something with Acidic Jews neutralizing Hitler?! :-D
Kaisen wrote at 8:25pm Jul 21
Lol eating little bears is for kids pussies
brazilnut wrote at 7:34am Jul 23
lmao at Teh Devil's retort! =)
Teh Devil wrote at 9:45am Jul 23
Word of warning: he who laughs last, laughs first... (Put that in your pint and smoke it!)

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