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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nothing better for a parade than a freshly sawed off sedan-turned-convertible, isn't that right, H?

What Say You (17)

wat wrote at 9:22pm Jul 11
AndrĂ© Brutus wrote at 10:30pm Jul 11
Hahaha... dem' puerto ricans.
CP wrote at 11:12pm Jul 11
Seriously? What's next, black mice with watermelon and fried chicken?
Anon wrote at 11:16pm Jul 11
They need shotguns. Any self respecting redneck knows that.
Alb wrote at 1:36am Jul 12
So shameful
a2718236 wrote at 4:58am Jul 12
Dude, not cool. I normally love your stuff, but this...
RacismIsFunnyBecauseIt'sTrue wrote at 7:12am Jul 12
I love CP's idea! "Hey boss, whatcha gimme for this here bucket o' chickin? 20 watermelons?? Yessa!"

Also, CP is wrong... you pedo...
Qwerty wrote at 1:05pm Jul 12
Why would you do this?
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:06pm Jul 12
do what qwerty? pretty sure the orange jews, black kettle, dead mexican, colombian santa, etc made the theme of these cartoons pretty clear...
H wrote at 3:59pm Jul 12
I made the alt text! Woot! Ah my poor Sabrina, stolen and sacrificed for the Puerto Rican Day parade.
JCVD wrote at 5:12pm Jul 12
well as a non-American if there's wordplay I don't get it. By itself it looks pretty offensive (reminds me a bit of this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/02/18/new-york-post-chimp-carto_n_167841.html ), and now in my head I'm filling in the end of Mike's comment with "... I'm racist" (the picture doesn't help). But yeah, I'm sure there's a perfectly good pun in there and Mike loves all of the planets people (except those filthy French)
Teh Devil wrote at 7:42am Jul 13
I'm a huge racist, and I strongly recommend all of Mike's lovely comics to my highly racist friends of all races (with only one exception for very personal reasons.) Lovely work as usual, mate.

In addition to this, and entirely without contradiction, I must also agree that CP is sooooooo right. (My fave!)
Anon wrote at 7:35am Aug 6
guess you have to live in NYC to get this one.. fuck the haters
Kevin the Puerto Rican wrote at 5:12pm Oct 27
First "Came First", and now this? And on my birthday, no less!
filthy French wrote at 1:12pm Jun 8
@JCVD hey now...
Beatriz wrote at 7:00am Oct 12
I would say this in english but I feel something gets lost in translation: somos más humanos cuando podemos tomar la realidad, mezclarla con un poco de imaginación y sublimar las emociones hacia el arte.
@a2718236: 1. what's up with the very long and meaningless sequence of numbers for a name? stop complicating your life, 2: stereotypes are usually based on a cultural reality, shit happens, deal. (I promise sarcasm will make your life easier)
Donyell wrote at 3:43am Jan 19
Wait, I cannot fathom it being so sratighotfrward.

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