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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sookie! I keep getting drawn back into this show every sunday.

What Say You (10)

bling2 vamp wrote at 10:48pm Jul 7
hahahaha...funny orangevamp...the orangevamp is supposed sparkling to, like a disco ball xD
Heather wrote at 5:45am Jul 8
Am I the only one who first misread the line of blood on her as a smile? Because with that read, it looks like she's sitting back and enjoying it.
Bobby Woody wrote at 8:07am Jul 8
This is horrible hahah
your mom wrote at 9:14pm Jul 8
@heather, yes you are the only one.

i like :)
Kaisen wrote at 2:15am Jul 9
You guys are all fags
yo wrote at 4:21am Jul 9
They stopped airing this show over here... no idea why.
killkyle wrote at 4:53am Jul 9
kaisen sounds pretty hot...doesn't he
Teh Devil wrote at 7:31am Jul 13
It took me a long time to get myself to write something rational and not just a hateful string of expletives. Internet silliness aside, Mike, you know I'm the last one to get offended at your work, and I keep telling myself there's no way you could have known...

Blood oranges and True Blood are two things I can never enjoy thinking about. My 6 yo niece recently choked to death on a blood orange while watching True Blood. She was very special to me. Words cannot describe. Let's just say the reason I'm still a virgin now is because I was saving myself for her, as soon as she was old enough. And now she's gone. It will never be. I know it's not your fault, but I hope you understand why I can't just blindly endorse your rampaging offensiveness this one time...

Still a lovely comix tho...
Val wrote at 9:56am Aug 8
pure awesome
Someone wrote at 4:00pm Dec 5
@Teh Devil what the heck.. that's your niece. I hope you are joking you freak.

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