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Sunday, June 27, 2010

You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.

..probably top 5 best movies of all time.

What Say You (12)

Aggie Simkho wrote at 7:59pm Jun 27
early update :D
odd time of year for this but I love it
Stew wrote at 8:02pm Jun 27
Animal violence is not funny
Mockolate wrote at 9:06pm Jun 27
When it's cartoon, yes it is.
Steve wrote at 11:54am Jun 28
Cartoon looks rushed.. Perspective is odd, groundhog looksas big as the car judging from the width of the road. It hardly appears that the car is even moving let alone on target for the groundhog. Even the ground hog looks miserable, like he is saying FTW. The driver has no face.. I could go on.. I think your distracted...
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:25pm Jun 28
thank's steve. i'll be sure to run every comic past you before i submit these to an art review board.
POV_Dave wrote at 12:29pm Jun 28
Wow Steve, I bet you're a blast at parties.
Steve Dey wrote at 12:44pm Jun 28
LOL,.... Really, I love your stuff here... this just didn't seem like you were at your Apokalips potential. And I am fun at parties... just ask my mom!
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:52pm Jun 28
haha, must... resist... mom joke
Teh Devil wrote at 2:07pm Jun 28
Teh Devil wrote at 4:20pm Jun 30

Lovely 4wd orv luks liek 2wd. And I must also chime in with my inestimable opinion on the issue of animal violence.
Mr. Dey wrote at 7:38am Jun 29
Steve - your mom just rsvp'd to the party in my pants...
tainzi wrote at 1:14pm Jun 29
I just chuckled a great sum. First I laughed at the comic, then at Steve, then at Mike, and then at Teh Devil. I'd say I got in a least 4 good laughs which is a pretty good ratio for one comic(Nice job Mike). Steve, I hope that someday you become extremely successful at something you love, to the point where people start relying on you to produce on a specific day/days of the week, every week, all year... and then I hope you spend all of those days replying to comments from Jack-offs like yourself who don't have jobs or hobbies. Haha- oh wait I think that makes 5, not 4....
kupek wrote at 5:36am Jan 27
Beautiful Groundhog Day quote. :)

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