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Monday, June 21, 2010

Well that's that. Regular scheduled comix return Thursday, people.

What Say You (14)

actualfan wrote at 9:48pm Jun 21
disappointing...you had so many different places to go with this and you disappointed with the last scene
Upper Benjamin wrote at 11:14pm Jun 21
The humor here is in the juxtaposition of stereotyped, antagonistic roommate interactions with cartoony anthropomorphic animals. Fuckin' great.
JohnT wrote at 12:44am Jun 22
Mike Gioia wrote at 4:56am Jun 22
lol come on where else is there to go with this? they're two roommates who fight about everything.
rayrox222 wrote at 5:59am Jun 22
lol Mike you say it like an arrogant person who feels committed to finish what he started even though he admits it was crap all along. IF I DID 1/4 THEN BY GOD I MUST FINISH 2, 3, AND 4, EVEN IF IT HAS NO WHERE TO GO AND THE ENDING WON'T BE EXCITING AT ALL :P
Alex wrote at 6:02am Jun 22
I suggest redeeming yourself with an origin story on Pudd'n's name. I say make it only two parts though, just to keep everyone happy.
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:42am Jun 22
rayrox you hit the nail on the head. the origin of the name actually had to do with a weird idea i had about two pseudo-brothers in a sexually abusive relationship. it was going to be flash animations and the first episode featured some pretty graphic scenes.

i called them chik'n and pudd'n skinz when eating chicken and thinking how gross it was that im eating the skin of an animal. that led to me trying to think of other things where we eat the skin and i thought of pudding, potatos, and tofu. (Tater Skinz and Tofu Skinz were going to be 2 other characters). anyway, the story devolved to this which became harder to make than i thought lol.
ZeroCow wrote at 6:49am Jun 22
I wanted to like this story arc, and I thought there was potential here, but none of these strips actually contained any sort of punch line or payoff. What gives?
lol wrote at 8:30am Jun 22
this was ten times funnier than it had any right to be. good work lol
Chris Hansen wrote at 3:38pm Jun 23
haha i thought that was the "to catch a predator" dog that was coming to ruin the party
Teh Devil wrote at 3:23pm Jun 24
sorry im late... ive got to say Mike that this lovely interlude is some of your best work to date, except of course for the pun cartoons you normally do.
Christian Wilkie-Fredrickson wrote at 9:00am Jul 5
I loved this mini-series. I deeply appreciated the pacing and tone. The characters were well-defined and believable, the situations were logically extended without becoming ridiculous, and I always love an understated punch line. I harbor a hope for more Chik'n and Pudd'n Skinz.

Notice how unfunny people always have advice for funny people? They don't create anything on their own, but they have so much advice for people who do. Why is this?
Roman wrote at 6:51pm Jul 19
Sorry, I don't get these punch lines. I guess this stuff is for people with IQ over 130 or for people who know a thing or two about philology. :)
lolz wrote at 12:03am Feb 22
It's sad when you're constantly having to explain the punchlines (or the joke lacking them) to everyone on here.

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