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Thursday, June 17, 2010

For those who hate this strip (lol) there's one more so can it, yo. Secondly, I think my foray into story-arc strips may be over. These take so damn long to make.

What Say You (16)

Name wrote at 7:35pm Jun 17
The exciting finale better be exciting!
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:41pm Jun 17
It most certainly will not be exciting actually. I can seriously guarantee that.
Thoughts here wrote at 7:47pm Jun 17
hahaha the last one by itself... meh... but in conjunction with this its pretty hysterical... Discussions about a girls 1-10 rating... every man can relate to that
fjnoodle wrote at 5:47am Jun 18
I feel like this is just one big inside joke that I'm not in on. This is simply not funny to me. Please bring back your old style of comics.
Andrew wrote at 6:48am Jun 18
Yeah, I think I'm done with this. The old stuff was good, but I'm tired of reading about an unfunny angry dog and an unfunny angry chicken. If I wanted to read an unfunny comic, I'd read Mark Trail.
Teh Devil wrote at 8:52am Jun 18
If I said this was lovely and you agreed, at least one of us would be teh devil. Never change, Mike (except of course for your huge pork-rind-filled belly.)
Jon wrote at 10:28am Jun 18
Forget what the other people are saying, this is an amazing mini-series thus far... love the relatable humor. Keep it up!
Mike Gioia wrote at 11:35am Jun 18
lol guys, just tryin something new here. 150 single panel comics gets boring after a while. "3 of 4" means there's one more, not infinity.
Craig wrote at 1:35pm Jun 18
Like George Carlin use to say is having sex with five 2's the same as one 10?
Mike wrote at 8:25pm Jun 20
Well typically people prefer webcomics that are actually funny. It's not horrible, but still not worth reading.
Johnny wrote at 8:55pm Jun 20
I giggled, snorted, and chuckled at the same time. It was a mess. You are never a disappoint.
retard wrote at 9:45am Jun 21
Haha, He's choking the chicken :P
Name wrote at 5:53pm Jun 21
it's monday and there's no conclusion...
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:28pm Jun 21
just posted it, back to usual toons on Thurs.
Christian Wilkie-Fredrickson wrote at 9:02am Jul 5
I love the extended fight scene and capitulation. Fucking hilarious.
J-B Weld wrote at 11:58am Feb 22
I like that they both completely forget about their dates in favor of arguing over the technicalities of hotness... I don't know, I found this entire strip pretty hilarious to be honest :D

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