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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steph didn't get two words in for goodness sakes. Also, in case anyone was wondering, going to Long Beach, NY at midnight is in fact a recipe for disaster .. ha!

What Say You (12)

trevaskis wrote at 3:09am Jun 14
For a Cartoon dog, Stephanie is HOT.
kayakinator wrote at 3:26am Jun 14
I'm normally a huge admirer of your work, but this is about as good as the daily newspaper comic strips
fjnoodle wrote at 4:47am Jun 14
I'd have to agree. I normally love your work, but this Chik'n and Pudd'n thing totally falls flat for me.
rayrox222 wrote at 5:49am Jun 14
Maybe I'm just a sucker for the whole "ooh! ooh! what happens next!?" feeling, but while on the dry side I still find these funny. Double date 1 or 4 you have Chik'n calling Pudd'n out on the fact that Meredith is fugly as we see in this latest one. And Pudd'n's the bigger douche imo using his friend to score with Stephanie (like trevaskis said, totally HOT for a cartoon dog lol) by kindly suggesting they go on a double date with her fugly friend Meredith offering that his roomie would come along to make it less awkward for her. We already see Pudd'n start to snap in how he answers Meredith's question and so long as double date 3 of 4 includes a bathroom brawl in which animals die, I think everyone will be happy!
Teh Devil wrote at 1:09pm Jun 14
...in which Chik'n's dickitude toward Pudd'n Skinz is explained. Plus lovely/fugly furry/feather HC xxxcitement is overtly explicitly obviously promised without a single word, image, or any other suggestion.
Socks wrote at 5:25pm Jun 14
Teh Devil, someone else beat you to stating the obvious. Are you going to be ok?
your mom wrote at 9:11pm Jun 14
i think i agree with fuhj noodle and rayrocks twohundredandtwentytwo. i like the what happens next thing but i like the pun comics better. like the ones with shoes who have no soul and stuff..
Teh Devil wrote at 8:32am Jun 15
Socks mocks my pain, but its make me stronger. Be'll quicker next tiem. PUMP!!!
109 wrote at 1:43am Jun 16
I must agree, soulless shoes and sensedevoid coins were unique to Apokalips. Stuff like that makes it feel like this is its own little corner of the world different from everywhere else, and nothing anywhere can replace this comic! But this whole grumpy animals thing isn't doing it for me. It feels a bit too familiar; it doesn't surprise me with its novel vision of the world the way your regular strips do. I don't know. I'd never want to stifle the artist or dictate what the artist publishes or try to interfere like that. But me personally, I'm not finding this terribly funny.

Also, monthly poke! Hope refuses to abandon Billy Bottoms and PJ.
Steve (not Stevo, f that noise) wrote at 8:55pm Jun 16
Chicken Pox! Yes! :-D
John13 wrote at 12:27am Jun 17
Pent wrote at 7:14am Jun 17
Yeah, I dunno. This is pretty bad in my opinion. I really liked the older stuff, but the past couple months has been leaving me not wanting to read your new ones.

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