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Monday, June 7, 2010

For the next 3 comics at least I'm gonna try out a new strip here, Chik'n 'n Pudd'n Skinz. It originally started out as a Bert and Ernie parody with lots of mind games and sexual overtones between these brothers, but stay tuned for the new, and more socially acceptable version!

What Say You (7)

Andrew Gioia wrote at 5:13am Jun 7
Panels 12, 13, 14, and 15 should have been a closer and closer zoom-in on the last milk drop. Otherwise loving this featurette.
ummmm wrote at 5:25am Jun 7
Maybe they would get along with P.J. and Billy Bottoms? Maybe not...'Cause they've disappeared! :)
lolwut wrote at 9:59am Jun 7
Me not understand.
Nabend wrote at 2:08pm Jun 7
I don't get it either. Can someone explain?
Teh Devil wrote at 2:51pm Jun 7
Time is teh devil to explanations... ?! That is certainly making the sound... So here goes:

Chik'n is fat motherluvin jerk.

Lovely work as usual, big guy! :D
Mike Gioia wrote at 3:31pm Jun 7
It's the first of probably 4 or 5 panels for this strip. They're not one panel gags unfortunately buttttt I needed to mix things up. Stay tuned, I have this short story pretty much laid out.

and @ummmm they have, those honestly take so long to do that I had to take an indefinite hiatus :/
Noah wrote at 5:37am Jun 8
Fantastic, sir!

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