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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I thought of like 3 other comics related to envelopes today. All of them equally great. I may draw them up for an envelope themed week haha

What Say You (4)

Name wrote at 12:20am May 21
haha envelopes
Boehoe wrote at 3:20am May 21

Posted on the exact same day.. Do you guys have the same source of inspiration? ;)
danineteen wrote at 9:49am May 21
Envelope-themed week!
Teh Devil wrote at 4:02pm May 21
That's not where the stamp goes on a proper envelope, which would be an envelope who listens to her parents. Thank you Mike for this lovely comic.

(Mike, remember that your folks and Dave and Tim and Lisa and I, all of us will be praying for you while your getting you're liposuction in the morning. Just keep thinking about how the doctor said you'd be walking normally again by the 15th, and so you probably won't even have to get those special shoes! Hang in there big guy!)

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