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Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 years from now I see myself peddling 5 cent pun comics on the street side for food money.

What Say You (12)

Name wrote at 1:44am May 17
haha coins
danineteen wrote at 4:39am May 17
Methinks they need facial expressions.
Phil of Delphia wrote at 7:21am May 17
Took me a few secs to get panel 2, but fantastic!
Teh Devil wrote at 8:54am May 17
don't short-change yourself; you could probably get a full quarter for a lovely gem like this one when you inevitably find yourself living in that cardbord box. (The silver lining is that at least you wont have you're morbid obesity problem anymore...)
Mike Gioia wrote at 10:05am May 17
haha teh devil write an article for the apoka-blog. i would post anything you come up with.
Someone just wrote at 10:31am May 17
I don't get it :(
my name! wrote at 2:15pm May 17
I like that abraham lincoln is kind of wearing a bow for this one.
Phil of Delphia wrote at 9:38am May 18
Someone, it's a somewhat obscure grammar rule. Roughly "many" and "much" both mean a lot of something. If you could put a number in front of a word, you can replace it with "many" to mean some unspecified big amount. Like "many inches" instead of 6 inches, "many bananas", "many cents", etc. If a number doesn't make sense, then you use "much" like "much time", "much energy", "much sense". So the pun is basically a play on the words sense/cents, but it's revealed subtly by what Penny says in panel 2.

Incidentally, a similar rule applies to "fewer" and "less". You might say I eat "fewer" bananas than Jane, or I eat "less" healthful foods than Jane.

Quick question for Mike: is it intentional that they are "facing" away from each other? It sort of makes the impression that Nick and Penny are in a huff.
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:49pm May 18
@Phil: nope, i really just grabbed two coins off my desk and drew them up. however, nick and penny are actually people's names which is funny. i'm gonna say that both the names and the facing away were pre-meditated haha
SirWetBiscuitJr wrote at 2:20pm May 19
What WAS probably intentional, though, was that the coins are ages 25 and 24, respectively, which is a pretty common time to get married.
squidney wrote at 6:34pm Feb 7
@Phil if you actually line up all coins you will see that Lincoln is the only one that faces in a different direction
http://www.youtube.com/user/FCtheBand wrote at 8:34am Apr 11
Just so you know... you'd be more likely to stay off the street if you could count. this pun is six cents not five.

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