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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yes, those are handprints. They took 45 minutes to draw. It's nearly impossible to draw a handprint on a mattress I've realized.
* This one made possible with a comic idea from Steve Dey. Thanks, Steve!

What Say You (7)

danineteen wrote at 5:01am May 3
The mattress she's accusing doesn't even have fingers!
Caleb wrote at 7:38am May 3
I bet he removed the do not remove tags, that FIEND!
Teh Devil wrote at 7:57am May 3
Those handprints could be anyone's... We need to put all the suspects' hands on this mattress woman's lovely assaulted parts to see which ones match. :>
Steve Dey wrote at 1:15pm May 3
Great comic... where do you get your ideas???
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 1:41pm May 3
she's lying, it's obvious she was assaulted by a lesbian - there's no depression in the lower 3rd
Bic wrote at 5:07pm May 4
Why is the cop mattress the only one wearing clothes? I believe her to be a floozy, who is just trying to extort a man who is clearly down on his luck.
writer wrote at 7:56pm Jul 7
Haha, she looks like a tempur-pedic

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