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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yes, that's Dixxo as in Dixon Ticonderoga, better known as the best pencil ever made. Also, I was going to draw McGarrett's lush side-part on the left pencil but it just didn't do him the 5-0 justice he deserves.

What Say You (11)

Don wrote at 9:46pm Apr 25
"Stationery," the commenter said, pedantically.
Tim wrote at 6:22am Apr 26
Is that a staple gun?
Calmo wrote at 6:43am Apr 26
The lines on his face showed his age yet he was white as a sheet for fear of being pierced with lead.
gopher65 wrote at 7:59am Apr 26
Hilarious comments:).
Phil of Delphia wrote at 8:11am Apr 26
I dunno, if they clip him to something he'd be stationary stationery! I still remember the store where my brother worked had a "Stationary" aisle. I would always joke about how *all* the aisles are stationary. It was slightly less pedantic than correcting the "12 items or less" sign in the express lane!
Fred Condo wrote at 11:59am Apr 26
I'd forgotten Ticonderoga's first name.
Teh Devil wrote at 12:07pm Apr 26
A bit thin, yet lovely.

What did this paper do to get the attention of this sharp pair of straight-and-narrow types? Loitering? ...Or would that be littering? Oh I bet I know... he cut somebody! :)
Danlson wrote at 2:50am Apr 27
Couldn't the paper just run away; I mean he has legs and the pencils do not.
Alex Rodríguez wrote at 6:43am Apr 28
He was smuggling rolling papers from Mexico!
writer wrote at 7:59pm Jul 7
Or "clip him, #2"
AlmightyRa wrote at 12:41pm Oct 1
we found this sick fuck raping rocks downtown

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