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Thursday, April 15, 2010

For some reason everyone always has a beer in their hand and I only realize it the next day.

What Say You (12)

Jason DeRoner wrote at 5:49am Apr 15
given your affinity for socks and your new gardening hobby, we all know who the flower guy is in this comic..
Phil of Delphia wrote at 8:13am Apr 15
I have a suggestion for your front page. It's neat that you can see people's comments to old strips, but it would be EVEN MORE NEATER if you could click on that comment (or portrait or some other icon) and be taken to that comic!

Also, I don't really get this one. Does the third panel indicate that blondey has already spit in the flowers? I'm confuzzled. btw, I like the 80s tube socks - memories!
Steve wrote at 9:09am Apr 15
I get it .... Guy#1 "Fertilized" the flowers.. so they all look like him.
Jason DeRoner wrote at 9:13am Apr 15
All fixed Phil..
Teh Devil wrote at 12:45pm Apr 15
If this comic were any more lovely, I'd be tempted to "spit" on it.
danineteen wrote at 7:08pm Apr 15
Why is Ted shirtless?
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:51am Apr 16
I figured (and I'm not saying that I did this) but that if I was spitting on my flowers so that they would have a part of me inside them always (which I definitely didn't do) then I'd probably want to be shirtless.

Ya know, get a little closer with nature........
nipplelover wrote at 9:43am Apr 17
I like how the flowers conveniently cover his nipples.
Ryan Klassen wrote at 7:53am Apr 23
Nipples are tricky to draw. I don't blame him.
natalie wrote at 6:46pm May 8
love it! reminds me with my plants which are my daughters
LewisCarrollfan wrote at 1:13am May 12
Please don't take this the wrong way (because I did think the strip was funny) but the commentary often cracks me up more.
Yoosufqasimi wrote at 6:52pm Feb 24
Wanted to drop a cmnoemt and let you know your Feed isnt functioning today. I tried including it to my Bing reader account and got nothing.

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