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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Had a fun time at the MoCCA today. Realllly want to get a table for next year. Hopefully I can print a few books of the first 200 or so comics before then.

What Say You (9)

Name wrote at 2:46am Apr 12
haha tape
T wrote at 4:31am Apr 12
Area man? Copyright The Onion? :)
Teh Devil wrote at 8:46am Apr 12
It must be said... lovely!

It must also be said... Mike, you are noticeably overweight. My mom told your mom on the phone Saturday -- yes, I know it's totally evil, but I was totally eavesdropping -- that your natural charming good looks were seriously suffering from your weight problem. You know, only your closest friends will let you know these things. Your mom also personally asked -- she was almost begging -- me to steal any candy bars that I find around your abode, in case you're wondering where that 12-pack of peanut butter cups went. I also stole two 2-liters of soda.
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:40am Apr 12
They make them in 12-packs? You just made me hungry for reese's cups. REAL HUNGRY.
Jason DeRoner wrote at 10:16am Apr 12
there's some in my room. consider this permission for the ones you've already taken
Teh Devil wrote at 11:24am Apr 12
I should have known not to mention candy... lol XD All my theftcraft in vain! (Except for the delicious PB cups and soda I'm now inhaling.)
Chris Imbriano wrote at 3:52pm Apr 12
hahahahahhahahahaha.... this one is awesome...
109 wrote at 10:23pm Apr 14
Monthly poke! Monthly poke appears here because the comments on Grim Adventures are all scrambled, and the Prev button goes straight to Oh Noes! Something Bad Happened! :(
Mrs. Gioia wrote at 10:50pm Jul 25
I raised you for 16 years in Lansdowne and you still dont know how to spell it? nice shout out though!

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