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Monday, March 22, 2010

This is the contest drawing for Hannah. She asked me to do one on the sentence Buffalo buffalo buffalo... Thanks Hannah! --and sorry it took so long :(

What Say You (11)

funny? wrote at 10:42pm Mar 21
Is this supposed to be funny?
your mom wrote at 11:10pm Mar 21
buffalo buffalo buffalo is not a sentence..
i like the ones that make sense.
Amstrad wrote at 1:25am Mar 22
It's too bad you didn't to the comic using the actual sentence: "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." that reads as a description of the pecking order in the social hierarchy of buffaloes living in Buffalo.

The current comic is cool though as it essentially just references everything awesome about my hometown.
Teh Devil wrote at 12:16pm Mar 22
In a word: lovely.
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 1:58pm Mar 22
William Rapaport says it, everyone cheers at his brilliance. I say it, I get dragged to the mental ward.
ForMyYaoi wrote at 6:59pm Mar 22
I actually think this one is very cute :D
KD wrote at 9:35pm Mar 22
Buffalo buffalo buffalo is a sentence... Buffalo buffalo buffalo = Bison who bully bison. The comic is a reference to the buffalo sentence "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo". Fantastic comics, keep them up :-)
danineteen wrote at 5:52am Mar 23
There was a contest?! Where?! *Sigh* This is hilarious though :D The boo follow one is my fave :D
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:21pm Mar 23
Haha, yea it was here: http://www.myapokalips.com/show/101#comic

If I can make it to 200 there will probably be another one!
Steve wrote at 11:49am Mar 24
If? IF?!?!?! Don't you dare stop making comics! How will I be able to continue to go one without APOKALIPS! O_O
Slice wrote at 7:01pm Apr 11
This is funny as hell. Going to order this one for D'nasty

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