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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day people with significant others. For the rest of us there's always hard alcohol and facebook stalking. God bless the facebook stalking.

What Say You (22)

tedder wrote at 11:12pm Feb 14
are "ruffies" supposed to be "roofies"?
fuzzyjedi wrote at 11:20pm Feb 14
well fuck yeah!
crassmonkey wrote at 3:09am Feb 15
Wow, these have got to be the worst comics I have ever read. (And I've read Ziggy)
Mike Gioia wrote at 5:20am Feb 15
Thanks, tedder, fixed.

And crassmonkey: I actually like Ziggy haha.
joey mousepad wrote at 5:56am Feb 15
yeah. i just saw your 'robot with a tattoo' comic at reddit. i just wanted to thank you for shamelessly stealing the design for the robot on the left from futurama. yeah, the one with the clamps. this is some weak sauce. i read some of your other comics trying to find that one so that i could post this under the correct comic. all i got for my time was a total lack of hilarity. why do you even bother?
Kristin wrote at 6:03am Feb 15
Wow I hope you guys are kidding or something. I love this comic. Some comics dont really make me "lol" but there have been plenty that have made my day. Comedy is becoming a copycat business, who cares. Just enjoy the joke. If you hate the comic so much then why are you reading it?
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:51am Feb 15
Right on Joey. Because that joke *needed* Clamps to complete it, right? I'm so sick and tired of that complaint. I put Clamps in there because I like Futurama and I was drawing robots. I'm not trying to pass Clamps as my own.
Haters Gonna Hate wrote at 7:18am Feb 15
We replaced the regular sand in joey mousepad's vagina with new ultra absorbant Tidy Cat Crystals. Let's see the reaction . . .
Phil of Delphia wrote at 7:46am Feb 15
Clamps on a robot... was invented by Futurama? Seriously? This is what happens when posts are written by people who can't figure out how to google "Robot Tattoo myapokalips". You want to guess what the first result is for that query?
Phil of Delphia wrote at 7:51am Feb 15
Ah, I see you are referring to a very specific clamp design. This is what happens when you post under the wrong comment. Then again, if you were smart enough to find the right comic, you'd be smart enough to realize that your comment is neither interesting nor original.

Ok folks, I'm out of time to waste!
Ga wrote at 12:19pm Feb 15
Nice comics dude. Sorry for all the negative posts. The humor is what counts in the end to me.
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 12:19pm Feb 15
I almost didn't read the word "them" on first read -- if "off" started the third line perhaps more people would make that mistake
POV_Dave wrote at 12:21pm Feb 15
Have you tried beating off with a stick? It's harder than you'd think. Splinters are always a problem too...
cts wrote at 1:39pm Feb 15
Is this a stab at Sigma Chi the fraternity specifically or just Fraternities in general?
Mike Gioia wrote at 2:17pm Feb 15
@cts: there's a funny story to it. I ran a very similar comic in lehigh university's student newspaper and I got a ton of really negative feedback from the sigma chi house there. we went back and forth for a little while until I was told to stop.
Kat wrote at 10:06pm Feb 15
I don't think I understand the joke behind this comic....
Alexicov wrote at 12:42am Feb 16
haha Sigma chi :P
Minion wrote at 8:34am Feb 16
Even though Joey Mousepad will likely never see this post, I just felt I had to apologize to him anyways. We're sorry that you (unlike 99% of the regular readers) don't find this comic amusing in the slightest. We're sorry that you don't understand things like "creative license" and "drawing something in a webcomic because you like it and find it neat and/or amusing". We're sorry that the usual jokes herein do not appeal to your particular demographic, so in an attempt at making things right we will henceforth include more incest jokes, dick jokes, and fart jokes so that you can understand the comedic content. If these future jokes are still too complicated, or include words in excess of 2 syllables, please let us know and we'll try to dumb them down further so you can feel included.
Matthew Dietrich wrote at 10:02am Feb 16
Sigma Chi... hehe. I think we had a brother in our chapter that suggested this jokingly one time... I'll have to forward this to him
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 12:32pm Feb 16
For the Google-challenged: http://www.statepress.com/node/10682 "Alleged rape victim names Sigma Chi in civil suit"
Devillius, I wrote at 9:03pm Feb 17
Great comics, please continue.
Clamps, these clamps I use everyday.
TheStapler wrote at 3:16pm Feb 19
Wow, some of these comments are just awful. This comic was linked from Abstruse Goose a few days ago and I've been through most of the archive by now and I have to say that I'm really enjoying the humor. A lot of it is very intelligent and I really like the ones involving word play. Keep enjoying what you're doing and stay proud of it.

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