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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I would have loved to have a bed like this growing up. Just think of how much more complete your fort would have been had you had a working drawbridge. If I ever get a house, its gonna have this and a moat.

What Say You (12)

danineteen wrote at 12:43am Feb 4
Re alt-text: But the drawbridge is supposed to be at the entrance to your house, not in your room. :P
noah wrote at 6:55am Feb 4
YES! you captured that look of utter defeat perfectly
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:06am Feb 4
haha, it's too close too home noah.
Sandy wrote at 8:27am Feb 4
Perhaps the spring was too powerful, which would be 'why' he no longer has a girlfriend. Poor girl was crushed up against the wall...
Monkey wrote at 9:14am Feb 4
It's just like that bed in that Tintin album... Red Rackham's Treasure.
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:43am Feb 4
Let's have a moment of silence for Matt's ex-girlfriend who was crushed to death by springs that were far too powerful for their time.

Monkey good call, I'm embarrassed I didn't think of that. I'll say an extra hail mary to Herge tonight.
Step Brother wrote at 11:20am Feb 4
But he has so much more room for activities now!
Emily wrote at 7:24pm Feb 7
Awwww!!!! I would date a guy who does that!!!! .....then again, I data a guy who plays Warmachine miniatures games, so, pretty much anything is less geeky than that. Except for larping. >_>
Tycho Brahe's Brain wrote at 9:28pm Mar 2
With all that extra space he could set up an AWESOME train set!
Neddy wrote at 2:28am Mar 18
No if you ever own a house get something like this hiddenpassageway.com
x wrote at 2:04pm Mar 25
Well, I always had a bed like that as a kid, only without the crank handle.
Miss Kshizz wrote at 11:32am Mar 26
Then you would have to invite me over to your drawbridgebed-inclusive-fort!
It's been WAYYY too long since i've made a blanket fort.... boy will my boyfriend be surprised when he gets home!! XD

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