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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I don't care what anyone says, JIF has more fresh roasted peanut taste than any other peanut butter brand. And it's no damn wonder: there are over 1,218 peanuts in every 28-ounce jar. Those are numbers you can take to your stomach. Tasty, tasty numbers. Man I want some PB/Ritz crackers right now.

What Say You (38)

NNielsen wrote at 10:18pm Jan 27
I'm guessing you have to be an American and know something about peanut butter brands?
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 10:40pm Jan 27
who keeps PB in the fridge?
PS - nice use of domestic violence
danineteen wrote at 1:26am Jan 28
Here in Australia, Jif is a cleaning product.
Jay wrote at 5:29am Jan 28
Went a little lazy when drawing the fridge, huh? :P
noah wrote at 5:44am Jan 28
that's funny, taking numbers to your stomach.
Imperialist Dog wrote at 7:24am Jan 28
"Choosy Moms choose Jif". Who let the non-Americans on the website?
Churt wrote at 8:05am Jan 28
I think this is the funniest one yet
Ash wrote at 8:31am Jan 28
@HelenMirrensMerkin I totally keep PB in the fridge! Although I have no rational explanation for this act. My mother did it too, so possibly I can blame it on social learning.
Mexican Fan wrote at 8:35am Jan 28
We foreigners don't take kindly to social ignorance Imperialist Dog
fuzzyjedi wrote at 8:37am Jan 28
fantastic as always good sir
F U dolphine wrote at 8:40am Jan 28
Domestic violence is the answer for all relationship problems... Ask Rihanna.
Wayne Brady wrote at 8:55am Jan 28
I hope she also gets smacked for keeping that shit in the fridge.
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:35am Jan 28
hahaha is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch?
DR wrote at 11:55am Jan 28
You all are on crack... Refrigerated peanut butter is the _best_ way to eat it.
Imperialist Dog (not the Taco Bell chihuahua-type though) wrote at 11:55am Jan 28
It's not that I'm socially ignorant--just ethnocentric and indifferent to your feelings. So, Nacho Libre, zip it before we re-institute Manifest Destiny and head South.
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:18pm Jan 28
Thank you DR. I don't know what kind of doctor you are, but I'm gonna go ahead and say you have your doctorate in being-right-all-the-time-about-peanut-butter.
CubicGhost wrote at 12:53pm Jan 28
This joke sails over my head, could someone please explain it. I am only half foreign though, being from Canada. I am your hat! I keep your heat in!
Eamonn Hickey wrote at 1:41pm Jan 28
Here in England, Jiff is a type of concentrated lemon juice used in cooking, but mainly I use it on pancakes with sugar. That is, the thin, circular, 'our version' pancakes as opposed to the big, piled up American ones. Man, there are too many differences.....
peanut butter doesn't go in a refrigerator wrote at 1:45pm Jan 28
peanut butter doesn't go in a refrigerator
Imperialist Dog wrote at 3:37pm Jan 28
Okay, the ignorant, unworldly American imperialist shall explain:

On the television (a device for broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects), a Jif peanut butter advertisment (a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume) relays a message that 'Choosy Moms choose Jif'. So, in the cartoon (a humorous or satirical drawing ) above the man is going to beat the woman because he believes her NOTto be choosy.

P.S. Same threat to the Canuck--we share the longest undefended border in the world and we can manifest North too...
Allie wrote at 5:55pm Jan 28
You know.. I love this cartoon, but the domestic violence makes this non-funny. actually, this one is just not really funny anyway (I am American AND I choose Jif for the record). You win some, you lose some. I wish you didn't have to resort to certain offensive scenes to make something funny, especially when you fail to make them funny. Sorry, I do usually think you're very witty though, what happened to the puns?!
Q wrote at 7:10pm Jan 28
Allie, would you have liked it better if the last panel read "I bet you wouldn't choose this!"

Besides, I don't think its domestic violence. The man is actually defending himself from a defective sexbot from the future. By stating that the bot is not choosy, when it actually made a "choosy" decision, he is coming to grips with the fact that the sexbot is starting to develop an artificial sense of thought thus dooming all humanity to be slaves to the machine. This man is a hero for destroying the malfunctioning sexbot before it enslaves the human species. KUDOS to you sir for rightly beating to death that sexy robot woman saving all of us from a terrible fate. From now on I suggest sticking to whores. Dirty dirty whores that can't even afford peanut butter.
Phil of Delphia wrote at 10:03am Jan 29
I there something deeper to this beyond "She chose Jif but she's not choosy!". Is the joke that the guy's reaction is inappropriate and he hits her? Is it "funny" just because of the violence at the end? I think it could do better than going to inexplicable smacking. Maybe he could kiss her and say "Choosy Moms choose ME!" hehe... or what if his name was "Jeff".

Maybe a better ending would have turn on the word "mom". Something like, "You said you were on the pill!" or - more positively - "Does this mean we're pregnant?!"

That guy fails at logic though. Choosy moms choose Jif does not imply non-choosy mom's don't choose Jif. (Is that the joke! :p)

Let's go Mike! You are a master of clever puns or translating human experiences into incongruent settings. ("Love the pencil baby one from a ways back" and my favorite of all time, the Robot Tattoo is just so funny on many levels and the reason I started following.)

Anyway, these observances are humbly submitted from a fan who likes to analyze things too much and who thinks that you have done much better than the last few strips. (Again, I say that respectfully and realize it's my opinion and it's not like you make these just for me!)
your mom wrote at 12:36am Jan 30
these comments are getting hella long...

funny comic :)
Austinper1 wrote at 2:25am Jan 30
Forgot this?I read TinTin & ronald Mcdonald comics!
Homer_J wrote at 2:10pm Jan 30
What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?


Nothin, you already told her twice!
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 12:28pm Jan 31
I just realized this is not a comic panel, it is a documentary.
This is why Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston
lladnar wrote at 1:34pm Jan 31
Some brands of PB require refrigeration. Not sure if Jif is one of them.
BJ wrote at 10:44am Feb 17
If it requires refrigeration then it doesn't have enough preservatives and does not deserve my consumption...
adffeqwafe wrote at 3:12pm Mar 1
this ones hilarious. who gives a crap if he keeps it in the fridge its a joke

but yeah regular jif is so full of preservatives that you don't need to
dubl0devin wrote at 9:26am Mar 5
Doesn't that tear holes in your whitebread?
america FTW wrote at 4:09pm Mar 10
wait wait wait, there's countries other than US?
Miss Kshizz wrote at 11:27am Mar 26
Peanut butter can be refrigerated to keep the peanut oil from separating.
I have sensitive teeth so I don't like cold things, so I just keep my jar upside down(:
JIF is THE best pb though :D :D
My dad once wrote and angry letter to them (or an angry phone call or something) though about their slogan, hence the commercial sporting the phrase:
"Choosy moms-AND DADS!-choose JIF."
dodgammit wrote at 9:11am Apr 8
It's funny because she's 'choosy' yet she chose an abusive husband. Hence, she's not choosy, goddammit!
Mark Coyne wrote at 2:14pm Apr 22
Jif is the bomb, and this comib cracks me up...
Brandi wrote at 9:00pm May 12
I enjoy abuse, that's why I read Twilight :) :) :) [obviously, this is a joke..............]
Aus wrote at 7:50pm Jun 24
haha, cleaning products
Sausage wrote at 11:29pm Oct 5
Slightly perplexing? I feel like you think your readers are all as smart as you are.

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