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Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a pretty weird feeling when you're sitting down at 1am drawing and redrawing the upper thigh curve of a nearly naked child because it's just not coming out right.

What Say You (14)

I don't get it. wrote at 10:56pm Jan 13
I don't get it.
Me wrote at 11:23pm Jan 13
he's a milk carton taking photo's of a small child. small children's end up on milk cartons when they go missing, also the milk carton is a pedo. I hope that clears things up.
danineteen wrote at 3:25am Jan 14
Oh, that's a child? I thought it was an adult.
ob wrote at 6:47am Jan 14
yo mg, the bulb on the flash unit should be facing the other way... i'm just saying
Mike Gioia wrote at 7:12am Jan 14
Thanks ob, that's called not really knowing what you're doing haha
SirWetBiscuitJr. wrote at 3:49pm Jan 14
I didn't get it until Me described it... I'm on a streak of not understanding your comics. :(
Emil wrote at 12:54am Jan 15
Made sense to me...
EUROPEAN MAN wrote at 2:13am Jan 15
Took me a while, but that's because the "kids of milk carton" thing is a uniquely North American thing.

Infact, 'Milk Carton' is as well. It's all glass and plastic bottles around here.
Diana wrote at 6:11am Jan 15
European Man, the "kids of the milk carton" thing doesn't really happen any more. I haven't seen a kid on a milk carton since I was a kid, and I'm 30.
Tighe wrote at 6:37am Jan 15
Your drawing would be considered child porn in England. Crazy right?
Mike Gioia wrote at 10:10am Jan 15
Cartoon drawings of kids in their underwear is CP? Uh ohhhhh
Gwen wrote at 7:01pm Jan 15
Our College still has cartons of milk with kids. More show up on the signs at wal*mart though. :-/ shows where it gets more exposure nowadays.
Sausage wrote at 11:31pm Oct 5
It made sense to me, just didn't carry itself as "funny"
Lost it wrote at 11:21pm Jun 1
Ohhhhh I thought this was a suggestion on how the "Got Milk?" Campaign got started.

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