The Beginning

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome!  Welcome to the first post of  My goal is to augment this Web site’s comics—which are in themselves parodies of my slender understanding of humanity—with unceasing blog posts; each post is to be one blind swipe after another at penetrating the egg yolk of mankind with one hand and choking the chicken of mankind with the other —because I came before both (sexual innuendo intended; comedy punch! BOOM!)

As you may know, the author/cartoonist of (me) is a dinosaur.  I hail from the Cretaceous period, a land of dinosaur merrymaking, good humor and fertile dino-babes.  Through dumb luck—my dinosaur fraternity brothers dared me to run around naked in the vast planes of what is today Greenland—I was frozen for millions of years, recently thawed thanks to global warming (Al Gore, 2012!), and now find myself living and co-existing with humanity in the 21st century. 

This blog is my journey of understanding to eventually, through careful societal-norm analysis, be able to tap NYC’s zeitgeist on the shoulder and boldly announce, “I’ve learned to enjoy the same things as you—turning my brain to cheese through watching god-awful reality shows, oogling at the special effects of prime-time news stations without regard to content, loving pop stars at a young age and ruining their lives until they shave their heads, dangle their children from windows, or end up staring in a pornographic film—because I enjoy these things, can I be accepted as one of you?”

And so, let the blog begin…


What Say You (1)

Luccas wrote at 5:08pm Aug 29
Bryan believes lggnuaae is the communication of ideas, meaning as long as your listener/reader understands the meaning behind the words, the words were successful in achieving your objective. I tend to usually agree with that, and with T-Rex: Decimated sounds so cool!. And what's wrong with a little hyperbole or, um, hypobole? *cough* Let's pretend that is a word, shall we?

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