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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you notice, it's recursive.

What Say You (18)

Chris Ellis wrote at 9:23am Aug 18
This is brilliant, Mike!
I believe I've found a note or two of your notes at one time or another.
yo wrote at 12:35pm Aug 19
drea wrote at 5:20am Aug 19
noah wrote at 5:47am Aug 19
mind = blown
muse7 wrote at 7:53am Aug 19
I leave notes too.
Luis wrote at 8:03am Aug 19
Amazing... When you first started doing this style of comic I worried that your comic would turn into a weird early day XKCD or something along those lines, but you've really shown you can do your own thing with them and make them great.
Gazared wrote at 12:06pm Aug 19
GET OUT OF MY MIND, MIKE! I'm doing that right now. Okay, I'm taking a break from doing that right now. Mine are often different, though.

Also, COME BACK TO US, ETORW! You are missed.
Gazared wrote at 12:59pm Aug 19
Also also, now that I'm on a real computer and can see the alt text, whoa. I... whoa.
(sorry about the double comment)
Andrea wrote at 5:42am Aug 19
I love it!
Q wrote at 6:35am Aug 19
I leave notes at coffee shops and then wait until a person finds one and reads it. When they do I quietly walk up behind them until I am inches from the unsuspecting reader. The notes say "I'm right behind you"
Andrea wrote at 7:23am Aug 20
PS, Luis: You don't capitalize "xkcd."
SirWetBiscuitJr. wrote at 2:01pm Sep 18
I totally should print this and leave it at the local coffee shop many, many times.
cronk wrote at 6:09pm Oct 1
You are a terribly pretentious smart arse.
Kazlith wrote at 12:08pm Nov 4
One's man note is a woman's trash: LITTERBUG!!!!
It's not a game wrote at 6:08am Mar 15
Ok...so people shouldn't think that the note applies to them after some basic thought. It's partially their fault for creating false meaning.

But still, you know that and you're taking advantage of that for the sole purpose of messing with people (or maybe just to convince yourself that you're better than them, I don't know).

So, why do you want to mess with people who have trust issues? And why do you want to mess with something as serious and important as trust.
something pretentious wrote at 10:25pm Jun 20
Self-fulfilling prophecy...
Whojackie wrote at 2:21pm Jul 5
Egotistical, pretentious, self-indulgent bullshit. Oooooooh how deep and philosophical. Get over yourself, with these dark, brooding emo strips and focus your energy on the comedy because your really good at it and that's where your originality shines trough not in these overused, black and white " thought provokers".
Mr. Cordoza wrote at 6:24pm Jan 5
Egotistical? Pretentious? What the hell does that even have to do with these types of comics? God forbid an artist have more than just one style he enjoys working with. Don't like it? Then shut the fuck up and move on to the next comic. Or better yet, leave some criticism that's actually constructive instead of just bashing a dude who's significantly more cool than you.


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