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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...says the single guy.

What Say You (31)

Phil wrote at 7:29am Apr 12
In that body you could also put overflow: none
Oscar wrote at 8:18am Apr 12
Great Comic! At last an update!
Phil: I wonder what overflow: scroll would do.
Could use some javascript to burn som fat using an infinite loop. while(1=1) place foot in front of other foot.
noah wrote at 11:40am Apr 12
says the single guy. good stuff!
simon wrote at 12:06pm Apr 12
<small>love handles</small> or
<font size="-1">double-chin</font size>
or set: H2 { font-weight: -15lbs }.
cotdamn that HTML thought of everything.
Fer wrote at 3:49pm Apr 12
.newbody {padding:0}
panda famine wrote at 7:08pm Apr 12
yay! new comic!! i only barely understand it but yayyyyyyyyy!
danineteen wrote at 11:04pm Apr 12
I'm not an expert on CSS and stuff, but I know enough to find this hilarious. Also loving the above comments. :)
Neddy wrote at 2:29am Apr 13
Finally and update, and its a good one! I have been stalking your feed for months =)
Teh Devil wrote at 9:57am Apr 13
Being programmorz myself, I can assure you that people who write HTML are not "programmorz" girlfriend. Maybe "gay web transvestite" girlfriend (which is the industry technical term for those who write HTML) but not programmorz girlfriend. To say that a horrified web homosexual is a lovely programmorz is insult to every living creature, live or dead, simultaneously.

Also you are very fat Mike and so that is why you should never make fat jokes for infinity. Thank you...
Edem wrote at 2:00am Apr 14
Teh Devil: The masses of PHP/ASP programmers who also understand and write HTML/CSS because it's part of the job, are not impressed at your comment.
noah wrote at 5:56am Apr 14
Wait, where is there HTML?
Lauren Wilvert wrote at 6:52am Apr 14
Teh Devil wrote at 3:14pm Apr 14

Not intended to be a factual statement, but... Myself I myself have written HTML, and that is how I know that all you paisley HTML writers are obnoxious homoeroticists. Also, I bet your a girl because your have a girl name. Therefore, you are not a real programmorz by definition.

You're honor! I rest my case.
noah wrote at 5:52am Apr 15
I'm still not seeing any html in this strip.
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:45am Apr 15
Noah Rosenrosen wrote at 6:55am Apr 15
Dean wrote at 3:01pm Apr 15
Lol Mike... classic!
Socks wrote at 5:20pm Apr 18
redesign2@hotmail.com wrote at 8:24pm Apr 18
Ome love
killkyle wrote at 5:30am Apr 21
write code for a whole relationship...i need your advice for every possibility...if she says no and newbody doesn't equal trim oldbody...GO
Teh Devil wrote at 10:52am Apr 21
You know what *I* hate, Socks? Grapefruit.

SirWetBiscuitJr. wrote at 2:28pm Apr 21
I agree, Devil. I can't really say I'm a fuge han of grapefruit either.
109 wrote at 3:21pm Apr 28
Eeeeeee an update! Grapefruits are disgusting, but they're not as bad as zucchini. Zucchini is the worst.
Phil of Delphia wrote at 9:39am May 6
Man f grapefr00t. It's all, hey look I'm just a nice big orange, and then you eat it and you're like, man I like me some fr00t. But then the grapefr00t - which is nothing at all like a grape mind you - is like "Hyah! Here's a mouthful of gall! Sucker!" And it's so very bitter that you wonder why oh why did I think that I could ever trust this grapefr00t to be yumz?

srsly, wtf is the deals with a fr00t that ya gotta put SHUGGAR on before eaten it?
Teh Devil wrote at 9:00am May 9
Fuckin A, men. Fuckin amen. Fuck grapefruit and the zucchini it rode in on.
Teh Devil wrote at 7:45pm May 23
Hey Mike. My girlfriend and, more importantly, her two very young daughters left me just last week. I'm as sad as an ageless anthropomorphic allegorical antagonist can be. I was going to be a daddy. A very bad daddy. But now I'm once again forever alone. All I have are explicit pictures and movies to keep me warm at night.

How about you draw a picture to lighten the mood, you know, for old times' sake? Preferably a picture of kids in a very compromising situation...
Mike Gioia wrote at 11:44am May 24
@Teh Devil: for you, anything. let me dust off the ol' wacom tonight.
Teh Devil wrote at 1:35pm May 25
Mike, you're a true pal. Sorry for making fun of your life-threatening weight problem before; I know it's really no laughing matter. :)
Socks wrote at 6:17pm May 27
@Teh Devil: you told me you would delete those pictures of me. Seriously.
Teh Devil wrote at 8:12am May 31
@Socks: Oh baby, that's just what we call pillow talk. You're adorable though. Never change. :)
Ana wrote at 12:36pm Aug 29
Apr20ileaandyuuki das erinnert mich an meine feudnrin..sie hat gesagt nichts kann uns trennen und jetzt.. ist sie weg.. einfach so weg..sie war mein ein und alles..das beste was mir je passieren konnte,und ich vermisse sie so ich kann einfach nicht ohne sie aber niemand versteht mich.. einfach niemand.. und dann gelte ich als emo weil ich verlernt hab glfccklich zu sein ohne mein ein und alles..

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