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Sunday, March 7, 2010

It was tough pulling myself away from the academy awards to draw this. Hurt Locker deserves every award they're nominated for. Mmm, good movie. Really hope they take best picture, but I've actually never seen Avatar or Up yet and I'm embarassed to admit it.

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HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 9:55pm Mar 7
No worries Latin -- a little flunitrazepam, a three-way, and pictures should settle things down

PS see Up - Pixar doesn't disappoint.
Latin is so dead now. wrote at 11:59pm Mar 7
It's funny because physics is just applied math.

P.S. Latin is so dead now.
danineteen wrote at 2:12am Mar 8
RE alt-text: It's weird 'cause I've never heard of Hurt Locker, but I've seen both Avatar and Up twice.
Trevaskis wrote at 2:52am Mar 8
Great! Any reason he's latin?
Phil of Delphia wrote at 6:28am Mar 8
If it makes you feel better, I haven't seen Avatar, Up, *or* Hurt Locker. Actually, I hadn't even heard of up until my wife was doing a Sporcle quiz to name the Oscar nominees in various categories.
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:37am Mar 8
Haha, HMM - I had to look up what flunitrazepam was.

It's Latin because that was the only class I was allowed to take in college that didn't involve math :/
your mom wrote at 9:35am Mar 8
i saw up, didnt see avatar or hurt locker but doesn't it suck for james camron that he got beat out for that best director AND best picture by his ex-wife?! especially after all that hype.

Up is definitely worth watching :)
killkyle wrote at 11:17am Mar 8
idk if you did that for me. Even if you didn't im honored.
HelenMirrensMerkin wrote at 12:11pm Mar 8
MG - roofie sounded crass and I'm a fan of Firefox's highlight-right-click-search-Google-for functionality
the old guy from Up! wrote at 1:46pm Mar 8
i don't know how to use a computeR!!11
that just happened wrote at 8:02pm Mar 9
you + me = us....
2ge+her wrote at 2:35pm Mar 10
DuDe wrote at 2:30am Mar 13
damn. you guys must be fucking genuises and shit. I don't understand shite.

The joke fuckin' sucks anyhow!
Dani wrote at 5:45am Mar 13
physics is't applied math, math is the way physics talks and physics are the rules of univers
pom wrote at 7:08am Mar 13
i hate Kyle too.
Eddy wrote at 5:07pm Mar 14
hey i'm wondering .. why Latin ? I understand Math and Physics but why Latin ?
Mike Gioia wrote at 6:16pm Mar 14
It's Latin only because I needed a subject that didn't have any math at all in it. He "uses" Math to "get" Physics.
dizzle wrote at 1:04pm Apr 2
Physics isn't the rules of the universe. It is just a model we use to describe how it behaves.
J^2 wrote at 1:17pm Apr 8
Why are math and physics depicted as female?
irony wrote at 11:20am Apr 16
b/c females don't understand math or physics, it's irony mwahahahahaha
aaa wrote at 7:55pm Aug 19
Latin is not a dead language!!!
jimmers wrote at 11:21am Oct 20
Physics looks like a slut.

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