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Monday, December 14, 2009

My caption that I had before this was "Mr. Shotgun's just hoping he doesn't shoot any blanks tonight." Yea I know it was worse than all of these.

What Say You (15)

Mike Gioia wrote at 7:08am Dec 14
Thanks again to everyone. And the people above - check your email sometime today.
danineteen wrote at 7:39am Dec 14
Aww, I didn't like any of these :C Congrats to them all though.
noah wrote at 8:17am Dec 14
I liked #1 the best too. It definitely fits the Apokalips spirit the best.
Scott wrote at 8:58am Dec 14
Why didn't you put the winning caption on the comic?
Mike Gioia wrote at 9:59am Dec 14
Well there really isn't one winner. Unless there's some consensus here as to which of those 5 is best. If so, I'll go ahead and update the one from last week to include it.
mark wrote at 8:00pm Dec 14
I agree - number 1 as above is the best!
Cullain wrote at 9:21pm Dec 14
4 is probably my favorite, but I agree 1 fits the Apokalips spirit the best
Late wrote at 7:54am Dec 15
Even though Tom felt in a jam from being locked into the wedding, at least Betty was loaded. "A cool twenty gauges would go a long way in this economy," he thought. Or he could just saw her off in her sleep and bail. Would be like clay pigeons in a barrel...
asegos wrote at 8:32am Dec 15
personally; im liking number 3 the most... suicide is always funny.
Travis wrote at 8:33am Dec 15
I would have to say number 4 is the best
Mike Gioia wrote at 12:38pm Dec 15
Late: that was very well done.

And I think I'm gonna with #1 here, I'll add that to the caption of the comic hopefully today but you know how it is...
Pod wrote at 3:34pm Dec 15
4 is king
Scott wrote at 6:33am Dec 18
Ah right, I missed "in no particular order". I agree with others #1 and #4 are the best.
Miss Kshizz wrote at 11:07am Mar 26
I don't like #3. #4 is my favorite, though. I also lol'd @ 5 :p
Jack" wrote at 12:25pm Jan 15
You now can shoot children

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